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Jul 17, 2006 04:02 AM

Sprinkles on La Cienega?

I was jogging down La Cienega and there appears to be a Sprinkles going in next to Boule.

The diet is over...

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  1. At least you're jogging there! Some of us have to drive there (and find parking far, far away...).

    Is there an expected open date?

    1. Sprinkles isn't opening a location on La Cienega.
      They are, however, opening a location in Newport Beach within the next month. They are hiring at the moment.
      It's in the Corona Del Mar Plaza.
      :) yummy.

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      1. re: peanut112

        There's a storefront one or two doors north of Boule on La Cienega with the windows covered and a small sprinkles logo on the door. You tell me....

        EDIT: I've confirmed it's a Sprinkles at 422 North La Cienega. No signage yet, but it's under renovation, it's painted in their brown color and there's a piece of Sprinkles stationary taped to the front door with the La Cienega address on it. Peanut112 is there a reason you're certain they aren't opening a location there?

        1. re: peanut112

          Do you know if the Sprinkles in Newport has openend? And, where is Corona Del Mar Plaza?

          1. re: Shadow

            It's on the corner of MacArthur & PCH - Bristol Farms is the anchor store.

        2. sorry to burst the bubble, but sprinkles, if you mean sprinkles cupcakes is utter garbage, overly sweet trendy crap at 3.50 a pop.

          nice idea, and the owners are laughing all the way to the bank.

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          1. re: kevin

            Maybe the Newport store will be better?

            (I have yet to try them.)

            1. re: kevin

              You are exactly right. They are also mealy. Joan's on Third has way better cupcakes.

              1. re: kevin

                Agree 100%; their cupcakes are overly sweet and sodden with oil, ick!

              2. ha, kevin i agree. i got one a month ago and it tasted like garbage. i used to like it fine when they first got popular but now it's like fast food cupcakes that have gone down hill. the cupcake itself didn't even look pretty anymore. it was frosted in a hurry.

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                1. re: jazmin

                  cupcakes are just a stupid trend.

                  next year itll be apple strudel.

                  1. re: yoyoma25

                    I love cupcakes....small, easy to carry, and there are so many flavors! I am always open to trying places with great cupcakes! I tried Sprinkles about a year ago and I liked them but maybe they have gone down hill? Did not like the one I got at Toast and the Clementines ones were good as well.
                    I want to try Ledas next....

                2. The original comment has been removed