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Jul 17, 2006 03:26 AM

Not-to-miss places to eat from SF to Humboldt County [moved from SF board]

We are taking a leisurely drive from LA up to Humboldt County via PCH- Hwy 1. Can the Bay Area hounds recommend places we should stop along the way to eat? We'll be in Eureka and Arcata for several days and would like to find other places to eat besides the Carter House Inn's Restaurant 301. Thanks!

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  1. Mendo Bistro in Ft. Bragg is one of my favorites.

    There's a little cafe on the square in Arcata that serves great breakfasts, though it's always packed and the service is pretty sucky. Good food, though.

    1. Larrupin Cafe in Trinidad is well worth the trip. Lovely place.

      1. Great breakfasts at Eggheads in Fort Bragg, especially the Eggs Florentine. It's right on Main Street in downtown Fort Bragg.

        In Garberville, try the breakfast at Woodrose Cafe on Main Street.

        1. We can certainly second Eggheads in For Bragg! What a feast! If you go through Fort Bragg during the day and need a lunch stop, Laurel Deli (corner of Laurel and Main/Hwy. 1) has wonderful food, very casual atmosphere with attentive service. We dined at The Restaurant for dinner and were reasonably pleased. The abalone style calamari was HUGE and very tasty. Want some fabulous chowder? Slip down into Noyo Harbor and stop at Carine's Fish Grotto. I've loved everything I've had there- I don't even try the nearly 1# Carine Giant Burger. Their chowder was wonderful, and freshly shucked oysters that needed a knife and fork they were so big! Their cioppino was wonderful and easily fed two of us. One thing about Carine's...if you leave hungry it's your own fault! The service is well...homey. Mom and the kids run the place with a little help. We love it there, though.
          In Eureka, Hurricane Kate's was a lovely find. And I've always heard good things about the Samoa Cookhouse for breakfast. Mendocino has some very nice spots...easy on the budget were Mendocino Cafe and Bay View Cafe (you climbe up through a water tower to get there). Bay View had almost the best fish and chips of our recent trip (only barely edged out by the Ukiah Brewery!). We've also heard REALLY good things about a little place in Myers the same location as Taste of Humbolt. It's just in off Hwy. 101 on the Avenue of the Giants. Not at all far from 101. Eating well is easy...chosing is hard!