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Jul 17, 2006 03:20 AM

Carlos 'n' Pepe's Tuna Dip ...

...anyone seen anything like it? It was a bright spot at the not-always-great C n P in Malibu. Hot tuna dip with cilantro and (I think) sour cream and mayo and maybe some fresh hot peppers and who remembers what else. Served with tortilla chips ... mmm! It's been so long! The artichoke dip post really got me thinking! Where can I get something like this again?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I remember the Carlos and Pepe's on 20th & Wilshire in Santa Monica too. I loved their Tuna-Dip!! I think it was just Tuna fish blended in a blender with onions, cilantro, mayo and a little lemon juice and pepper. YUMMY! It's a perfect healthy little snack. :)

      1. Found it! go to:

        I used to go to the Carlos and Pepe's in Miami and always loved that dip!

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            One 6.5 oz can tuna to 1 1/3 cup mayo!

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              It's definitely a dip, not a sandwich filling. Try using chipotles. I haven't made it in years but now want to.

          2. The Wood on Washington Blvd and Inglewood in Culver City has a spicey Tuna Dip on their Happy hour menu. It totally reminds me of Carlos and Pepes. They had two locations. One on 20th and Wilshire and the other one on PCH.

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                Yes I'm Sure... I used to deliver produce to them back in the day and the secret tuna dip from C&P is actually right on the money. Although the recipe you sent is pretty close.

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                  Did Carlos team up with Charlie before or after Pepe or is it just a coincidence that his name is attached to both?