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Jul 17, 2006 03:09 AM

Blueberry Ice Cream @ Sebastopol Berry Farm

One last stop before heading home today . . . a quick pull into the Sebastopol Berry Farm on Ross Station road before 5pm. The blueberry ice cream is always one of my favorite treats at the Gravenstein Apple Fair (August 12 & 13, 2006). I had my fingers crossed that I'd find some here.

This was my lucky day. I bought a single scoop, prepacked serving for $3 (pints are ~$7). It went into the cooler in the trunk and I just had it after dinner at home tonight. So fresh and intense, highly recommended.

Image of fresh, organically grown blueberries at the farmstand -

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  1. So, is that the son that is running Green Hill?

    I got confused because these two reports were close

    I remember watching on tv as people came in and dug up the blueberry plants. For some reason, I remember the next year Green Valley wasn't at the farmers market. I just posted their great blueberry pie recipe on home cooking ... love that recipe

    Love it so much it makes me cook and I've done this pie recipe almost yearly.

    So what is the story? Are they selling at Ferry Plaza? That was my favorite blueberry jam, not to mention those great berries ... and the ice cream.

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    1. re: rworange

      This is a separate farm. According to the link in my post, Sebastopol Berry Farm was created in 1986 by purchasing half of Green Valley Farm.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Duh, I actually read that and it didn't register. OK, it's the place next door. Last time I was there they were only selling fresh blueberries and not ice cream. Thanks.

        1. re: rworange

          This was the last stop on the West Sonoma County road trip. Here's a link to the start -

    2. Are they selling those tiny blueberries, too - not the big fat ones?
      I missed my chance to "dig up" plants when Green Valley gave up the ghost.

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      1. re: Cynsa

        The photo of the organic blueberries is linked in my original post. These are not the tiny ones of Green Valley, but to my eye, not quite as large as the typical commercial berry.

        1. re: Cynsa

          I just stopped by there on my way home to Berkeley this afternoon. Sadly they didn't have the ice cream (I asked and it *seems* they usually make it for the weekends). In any event they said they should have some this coming Friday (7/28).

          Purchased some fresh blueberries - were nice and small and very sweet. Also delicious boysenberries (last of the season). (Blackberries and strawberries available as well, out of marionberries).

          Hope I am up in Sebastopol again on Friday - my mouth has been watering for the ice cream ever since the OP!

        2. Thanks so much for the first mouth berry report! If you have a chance, please ask them if they'll be participating in the Gravenstein Apple Fair and selling ice cream there too.

          P.S. And, when you have a chance, please tell us more about your favorites at Trattoria La Siciliana.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Alas, I won't be working up in Sebastopol tomorrow. Sigh. But will report back if I get up there before the fair!

            (and if I am brave enough, will post about trattoria...)

            1. re: megek


              Here's the carte de berries at the farm's booth at Saturday's farmers market in Santa Rosa. No ice cream though.

          2. Was up in Sebastopol this morning so stopped in to pick up some more berries and hope for the blueberry ice cream. I was in luck! I was so excited I bought a pint (yes, $7!) and packed it on ice for the trip home (which made me nervous but it made the trip just fine). Just tasted it - such a delightful ice cream - wonderful fresh blueberry flavor! I think when I have a bowl later I will top with even more fresh blueberries...

            But now for the bad news. They won't be at the Gravenstein Apple Fair this year, and are just about out of blueberries. Sounds like there will only be few days more. This will likely be the last weekend of the ice cream until next season.

            Many thanks for the rec!

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            1. re: megek

              Well, at least it's a "good news, bad news" situation and we have time to take advantage of it this weekend. Thanks for the head's up!

            2. I was in the neighborhood this morning, so had a chance to stop by for a fix of blueberry ice cream. I asked how much longer the blueberry harvest would last . . . until TOMORROW (Sunday, 7/29). I bought two baskets of the teeny, organic blueberries, $4 per basket.

              Raspberry, strawberry and blackberry season continues, and boysenberries will be available soon.

              Sebastopol Berry Farm
              Open daily, 10am to 5pm

              Sebastopol Berry Farm
              9201 Ross Station Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Yummy. Did you happen to find out if they will be serving anything at this year's Gravenstein Apple Fair? I'm hoping this is the year that I FINALLY make it there...seems like something always comes up and I can never get there. Grr.

                1. re: chocolateninja

                  Sorry, I didn't ask. But if you contact 'em and find out, please let us know.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    Got a callback from the Sebastopol Berry Farm yesterday regarding the apple fair. The woman who left the message on my machine said that they will not be serving anything at the Gravenstein Apple Fair this year as it is the end of the season for them right now. So there you have it. I'm a little disappointed. )-:

                    1. re: chocolateninja

                      Thanks for the info about no-go on the Apple fair. End of the season for blueberries, but there were signs up on Saturday that boysenberries would be ready soon, hmmm.

                      Last year they had a stand at the Saturday morning Santa Rosa farmers market, don't know about this year. And, they were in Healdsburg this last Saturday, but berries only and no ice cream.