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Jul 17, 2006 03:08 AM

Shrimp and Leek dumpling from San Tung on Irving in San Francisco

There was a discussion early about Shandong dumplings texture cook fresh and from frozen.

This week I had family visiting from So Cal and the Vally so I took them to San Tung in San Francisco for a meal.

We ordered the following dishes, Spicy Beef Noodles, Two Sheet Covers, Green Beans, Spicy Chicken Wings and of course the shrimp and leek dumpling.

I had had dumplings here many times, this time I am petty sure that they were freshly made and not forzen.

As Meliane said the taste but the texture and bite would be better. The shrimp wss loose and more light than I remember and my member of my family had send three months in SanDong working and told me this was the best she had ever. I was told that she were to a cooking school where she was served twenty types of dumpling

So I must now ask if they are fresh or from the freezer.

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  1. Were you there for lunch or dinner?

    I'll tell you, the last time I had dinner at San Tung, I wasn't that impressed with the shui jiao. Yours sound really wonderful. My feeling is that if a restaurant is going to serve me frozen, well, I'd just as soon cook them myself at home.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      We were there for dinner. Got there at 6:00PM and we had to wait for 30 minutes but it was worth it.

    2. Melanie you might need a repeat visit to San Tung. Or perhaps try the pork and cabbage dumplings if you do next time, it was always a hit with me (and has been since I started going there in the 90s when they had the other previous location much further down Irving as a hole in the wall kind of place).

      They have steamed dumplings, but they don't look that interesting to me to try. I've never had the shrimp and leek one though.

      1. I'm pretty certain that San Tung's shrimp & leek dumplings are made fresh everyday, simply b/c they consistently sell so many of them that it's unlikely they have much left over at the end of the evening that would get thrown in the freezer (I'm sure any left over gets put in the fridge, then sold pretty quickly the following day). Every time I've gone there, at a minimum it seems like every other table has an order of them.

        Standard order no matter who I go with is the s&l dumplings along with the jah jahng myun. Dry-fried chicken strips also is a popular choice.

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        1. re: Eugene Park

          Dumplings have a short half-life and need to be cooked immediately. A dumpling that has been frozen immediately will be higher quality than one that was made two or three hours ago and kept cold in the refrigerator. Typically dumplings are made at the start of meal service. Some are cooked immediately, and the rest will be frozen to be used the same day a couple hours later. Or some places will roll and fill dumplings to order.

        2. I always make a beeline to San Tung when I'm in the Sunset. I have had the dumplings many time for lunch and never once did I suspect that they were frozen. I've had both the gingery pork and the shrimp and leek and they have always been very tender and fresh. That from one who prefers the noodle soups and the dry fried items.

          1. The original comment has been removed