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Jul 17, 2006 02:46 AM

Bldv. Cafe

Anyone eaten at Blvd. Cafe in Westlake?

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  1. We are midcentury modern enthusiasts, so we love the building. We just started going there for breakfast a few weeks ago. It's quite good and very affordable. The place has been kept up beautifully.

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      Boulevard Cafe hasn't just been kept up -- it was completely rebuilt about a year ago. The building was an old Lyon's Coffee Shop that had been there since the early days of Westlake. They tore the building down to the basic frame and built it up to look like it does today. They also completely redid the interior.

      As for the food, we've enjoyed breakfast there -- good coffee, eggs cooked over medium to order, nice marble rye and good bacon. We've also had lunch there. Their hamburgers are really good (medium rare ordered is medium rare served) and the zucchini cake with tzatziki appetizer is excellent. We haven't tried their early bird, but it seems to be a very good deal. I think that it goes from 4:00 or 4:30 to 6:30 -- Soup or salad, entree, beverage for $12.95 with a nice selection of entrees.

    2. If you really enjoy midcentury modern and want to experience a space untouched by the decorators hand for over 50 years ... go farther into Westlake and experience Westlake Joes'... even the food (Classic..Joe's ..even the people reek 1954..!) is a throw back to the Eisenhower era....great bread and huge grilled burgers, hangtown fries, veal parmagiana.., corned beef and cabbage every thursday..etc etc....and an amazing lounge/bar space with fireplace..(sometimes with live (!) barely) the left as you enter...very dark and mysterious....enjoy!

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        The only problem with Joe's of Westlake, IMO, is the food. It was good (although occasionally inconsistent) until about 3 or 4 years ago, when it took a serious downhill turn. That said, the garlic bread is great, and the pot roast is still sometimes good. Skip the wine.

        I agree, the setting is pure 50's, and some of the waiters appear to have come with the building. If you go, look out for Abe Vigoda's stunt double (Giovanni, one of the waiters--the resemblance is uncanny).

        1. re: Steve Green

          At least for the things I order...listed above, I have not noticed any change...(ask for the corned beef 'fatty'!) ...this is not fine dining, similar to a diner I would say.they do grind their own meat for the burgers though...the pastas have always been overcooked...
          I can't imagine ordering wine here (did they know what wine was in the 50's?!)