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Twin Seafood in Reading

Hi everyone.

I was wondering if anyone else has tried Twin Seafood, recently opened on Main Street in Reading? My husband and I have gone there several times and we have yet to be disappointed. Their lobster rolls are amazing and you get a ton of lobster for $12.98. What do other people think about it?

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  1. Hi:

    I haven't tried this place yet but would like to know where it is located on Main St in Reading? I am always looking for new spots, especially ones that have great seafood.


    1. Ive been to the one in concord. Had the fishermans platter and the fish and chips. Not bad for the area, but nothing to rave about.

      1. Roy: It's just down the street from Savory Tastes.

        hargau: I didn't realize there was more than one location. I haven't had the fish and chips yet, so I can't really comment on that.

        1. possibly its different as they dont show reading on their website yet, or maybe they just have not updated it.

          1. any updates on this place?
            also looking for a good lobster roll for my dad-in-law so will try it! He just liked the Kellys one and on Phantom i noticed the Belle Isle one in East Boston. Have you had all of these to be able to to a comparison?

            1. If you're looking for fine dining, this is not the place. But if you want a great tasting, generous fish sandwich or fish salad it definitely is. Any fish you can buy in the store they have available to be prepared basically any way you'd like it. The prices are very reasonable - we even asked the owner how he can do it. (His philosophy is that he'd rather charge less, and get more customers, than charge too much and get few.)

              There's an area to sit if you want to eat there, or they do take out.

              Highly recommend you check out this great neighborhood joint.

              1. don't get the chowder, it's awful, kind of sour tasting. it comes in a big plastic bag that they heat up in the microwave then dump it in a steam pan. (i watched them do it right in front of me) i also had a grilled tuna steak once, and i asked them to just sear it, and it came completely cooked through, well done, i couldn't even eat it.
                i've been there 3 times, and i don't think i'll be back, nothing was really that good, just ok. i had the lobster salad sandwich (it's not a hotdog roll, it's on a bulkie roll), and yes it was generous, but it was definately frozen lobster meat, and all shredded up, no real chunks.
                if you're looking for good fried fish in that area, try jimbo's roast beef & seafood - they're fried scallops are wonderful.

                1. Ah. Maybe this is the thread I was thinking of....

                  I went to Twin Seafood in Concord a couple of nights ago and happened to remember some discussion of the chowder there. While eating my lobster roll (which seemed to have more filler shards than usual but still was quite good), I saw a Kettle Cuisine board with various of their soups listed. Not coincidentally, they were the exact same flavors that Twin was selling. I nonetheless decided to be very sure--so I asked about both the chowder sold for consumption there and for takeout, and I was told they did use Kettle Cuisine chowder. The older man whom I spoke with indicated this was because KC's chowder was consistent from batch to batch.

                  That being said, I had previously liked their chowder and found it pretty lackluster on this visit. Hmmm. Now I want some good chowder.

                  1. I found myself in Reading at lunch time on Friday and remembered this thread so I popped into Twin Seafood for the fish and chips. In a word, excellent. Large portion, very fresh fish, extremely crispy fries, nice tartar sauce. Very pleasant proprietor too. The fish on offer at the retail counter looked pristine, although I realize I did not take note of the prices -- I was kind of in a food coma as I failed to restrian myself and devoured every bite of the very generous portion. This may be my only caveat for the whole meal in fact -- good thing I don't live nearby. (I note that Erstwhile Editor speaks of the Concord Twin Seafood which I am not sure bears any relation to the one in Reading at which I ate.)

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                      Twin Seafood in Reading is a couple of years old and although I haven't been, friends know the owners. That location is their only Restaurant. It's too bad about all the construction that is going on in Reading Center, and not to mention there is literally no parking.

                      I hope they do well through it.

                      1. re: GretchenS

                        We've been buying seafood at Twin in Reading for about a year now... Everything has been wonderful. The prices are highish but well worth it for the quality and freshness. Every now and then we do buy fish at the new Market Basket practically around the corner, but when we a specific fish it's Twin. Parking is horrible there, unfortunately.

                        I believe the boys who own the Reading store are nephews of the folks who own the Concord store.