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3rd and Fairfax Farmer's Market--Best Lunch?

Going to get lunch at the orginal Farmer's Market (by the infamous Grove) on 3rd and Fairfax. What's the best eat there? Any suggestions appreciated. . .

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  1. My favorite lunches at the Farmer's Market...

    Chopped barbecue beef sandwich at Bryan's Wood Pit Barbecue

    Teriyaki chicken and rice from China Depot

    Anything fried at Tusquella's Fish & Oyster Bar

    Chicken parmesan and pasta from Deano's Gourmet Pizza

    Hand-carved corned beef sandwich from Magee's

    A plate of chicken stroganoff and some barbecued meat from Pampas Grill

    1. Pampas Grill
      and that new orleans place, sorry forgot the name!

      1. Loteria. Some of the finest Mexican food in Los Angeles. The Farm over at the Grove is also excellent, but pricey. They have the best hamburger in town.

        1. Gumbo Yaya at the Gumbo Pot.

          I'm over Loteria...it had been downhill the past visits I've gone there while Gumbo pot has gotten better.

          I also like Singapore's Banana Leaf.

          1. Blackened Catfish Po'boy with a side of Gumbo Yaya at the Gumbo Pot.

            1. Patsy's pizza - some of the best pie in L.A. (over by Bob's donuts - also yummy)

              1. my vote is for singapore's banana leaf. the rojak salad is amazing to eat for lunch or dinner during the summer. i also heard through the grapevine that huel howser was down there interviewing the owner on his crushed ice desert, the ice katchung or wahtever it's called. also excellent for summer.

                1. I also like Singapore Banana Leaf,
                  but my favorite new dish is the bibimbap at Korea Grill.
                  I like the fried catfish at the Gumbo Pot
                  and the spicy hummus and muhammara at Moishe's.
                  Save room for dessert at Littlejohn's English Toffee or Bennett's ice cream!

                  1. I second the recommendation for Banana Leaf -- good food at good prices.

                    Nobody mentioned the crepes place and while I don't think it's a great crepe in the grand scheme of crepes, it's still a decent meal. The price is higher than I'd like, but that's true of many things on 3rd Street.

                    I like the pommes frites at Monsieur Marcel. I'm not a huge fan of Marcel otherwise, though. I really dislike how they intermingle their blue cheeses with their non-blue cheese. That's a dangerous, disagreeable habit.

                    1. yeah, the savory crepes are a good meal....I like the one with ground beef, cheddar and the tomato based sauce.....

                      1. Moishe's, the Middle Eastern restaurant at the Farmer's Market, has a very good, filling falafel pita sandwich. One of the best I've had in LA, I think. The gyro isn't bad either, thought I wasn't as impressed with it.

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                          Whenever I see posts about the Farmer's Market, people rarely mention Moishes. I love the food there, but since the Grove opened, they keep creeping the prices up more than the other places. Also, the staff there can sometimes be a little surly. I used to eat there a few times a week and I would rarely get a smile from one of the owners.

                          Banana Leaf is OK . The owners there are quite friendly. Not quite as good as the food in Singapore, but what is?

                          Loteria is great. Gumbo Pot isn't as good as it used to be.

                          The rest of the places aren't very good. Some are horrible.

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                            some are horrible- i agree! i do not like the fish place, it's very bland. someone told me it was the worst fish and chips they ever had, but i've only had two fish salads there, both mediocre - and expensive. the chinese places are not good at all, in fact, it's depressingly bad. Singapore's banana leaf is my favorite- i love everything there. lately i've been eating at the korean bbq place- getting their veggie rice roll, glass noodles and seaweed salad.

                        2. moishes is always good. lamb pita and chicken shawarma are both quite good. great sides, too. hummus, bab ghanoush, tabouleh. i also recommend the muhamara: red pepper, walnut, pomegranite--i think its mixed with hummous.

                          1. So pretty much from all of the responses you should try every single place there :)

                            I'm of the opinion that if it's your first time eating there you should try Loteria. Of all of the stands there it's the most distinctive and acclaimed.

                            1. Several people have mentioned the Gumbo Pot, but no one has mentioned the wonderful jambalaya (available in chicken or shrimp).

                              And with the possible exception of Langer's, Magee's has the best Reuben sandwich in L.A.

                              1. Links ...

                                Gumbo Pot
                                6333 W 3rd St Ste 312, Los Angeles, CA 90036

                                Magee's Kitchen
                                6333 W 3rd St Ste 624, Los Angeles, CA 90036

                                  1. Magee's has the best corned beef I've ever had.

                                    For years when I asked where they get their beef from they were very hush hush. Then it slipped that they get it from the Harris Ranch stand a few yards away :0) So if you like the corned beef you can buy one from Harris Ranch and make it at home.

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                                      You mean Huntington's, don't you? (They sell Harris Ranch products but they're not a "Harris Ranch stand")

                                    2. I really love the Banana Leaf. I know "the food is better in Singapore," but the food here is really good enough and at fair prices with such a sweet and friendly staff! I also like Loteria and Pampas Grill; the Alcatra and the lamb at Pampas are especially worth trying -- succulent and full of flavor.
                                      Lastly, I think the Gumbo Pot leaves a lot to be desired!