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Jul 17, 2006 01:18 AM

Uncle Andre's Barbecue tonight=great meal!

I just finished my barbecue from Uncle Andre's in Studio City and boy am I pleased & stuffed. I always call it up for pickup due to the wait. Today being Sunday I'm glad I did this since they were closing early due to running out of food.

Now I know the board has mixed feelings on this spot yet after going in with an open mind to the other Valley barbecues like Swinging Door-yuck to Moms Barbecue-average, this was a treat tonight.

I had the combo for $17.00 which came with a half a slab of baby back ribs cooked perfectly with a touch of that delicous crust that forms from a pit, added some the extra sauce I asked for on the side and my mouth was in heaven.

My 2 sides were red beans & rice along with collard greens.

Now the links it came with are by far the best links I've had for Valley barbecue, the taste & flavor are smokin good.

Plus the boneless trip tip and fried chicken left me with enough leftovers for a second meal.

I order this for pickup once a month when I need that barbecue fix without doing the drive into LA.

Try this Studio City spot, you wont be dissapointed.


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  1. Have you been to the Boneyard Bistro on Ventura about 2 blocks east of Woodman? It is really 2 restaurants in one - one side of the menu is the ribs, tri-tip, chicken, pulled pork, etc., including cole slaw, macNcheese, etal, while the other is the bistro side with superbly sauced salmon, pork, duck, as well as rib-eyes, etc. Great wine list, etc.
    Asking for you to compare your Andre's experience with chicken, tri-tip, ribs, etc. with that of the boneyard if you have been. I like theirs a lot, and their prices are similar to those you mentioned at Andre's, whose food is actually quite good, especially comparing it with the Swingin' door, Mr. Cecil's, etc. that pass for nearby bbq in the Valley.

    1. I'm getting these 2 on Ventura Blvd. confused, I've been to one them whether its Mr. Cecil's or Boneyard Bistro? If this helps, the one I dined at during the Thanksgiving season last year they had a big sign out advertising that serve the deep fried turkey as well as barbecue?

      Does this help?

      If not next week, I'll take a driver down the blvd.


      1. Boneyard is very SF/NY looking in its spareness inside, done in black, with some booths, and many tables in the middle of a somewhat smallish room, with a small patio on the sidewalk.
        Cecil's on the other hand is the former Prezzo, twice the size, and is seemingly sort of hokey in style, with a large wood-framed in patio fronting the street.
        Cecil's is in the first block east of woodman, next to the Vespa dealership, while the Boneyard is at the easterly end of the next block, next to the Runnergy store, as well as a Quizno's and the Starbux on the corner of Allot with the large patio.
        There is a large parking lot behind the Boneyard, while valet or luck of the draw is the major issue with Cecil's.

        1. Then I was at Mr. Cecil's which was nothing to rave about. I'll have to try Boneyard Bistro next.

          1. Andre's isn't really BBQ -- no smoke no Q. It's cooked meat slathered in a sweet sauce.