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Jul 17, 2006 12:21 AM

Trader Joe's Olive Oils. Yay or Nay?

Was thinking about picking up some Extra Virgin Olive Oil from TJ's. How's the quality? Is one kind better than another?

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  1. For cooking oil? GREAT! It's very mild in taste.


    1. I agree with Dommy as long as it's for something that's cooked or used in dishes that don't really hinge upon the flavor of the oil. For instance, serving truly excellent burrata that'd been drizzled with TJs oil? Not so much...But using it to cook fish or mixing it for a (mmm...summer raspberry~!) vinaigrette, sure.

      1. I'm not keen on the Spanish oils. I prefer the Italian.


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          What is it that you don't like about Spanish olive oils? Have you only had the lower quality ones from Spain, or have you tried their high end oils also?

        2. I like the basic Trader Joe extra virgin Italian oil very much and their 'premium' one (presidente - I think) even more. I freely admit my palate isn't super sophisticated, but for a very reasonable price, all their Italian extra virgin olive oils are a good deal and very good quality.

          And the greatest thing about TJ's is that if you don't like ANYTHING you buy, they'll give you your money back.