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Jul 16, 2006 11:51 PM

Saving tomatoes.

This is one of the more random questions..

I enjoy a slice of the local tomatoes on a sandwich, but how do I save the rest of the tomato? Any way to avoid putting it in the fridge?

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  1. I generally put it in a glass ramekin covered by another left on the counter and try to eat at the next meal, preferably in the same day so it does not get too feh!

    1. In a plastic sandwich bag. Keeps for several days in fridge or one day not in fridge, but as Candy said, eat as soon as possible.

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        I put them in a tupperware that is a onion/tomato saver thing in the Fridge, once cut they turn FAST, in the fridge, they last for at least two more days (With no change in texture at all)


      2. I just eat it. I hate putting tomato in the fridge.

        1. Don't bother with the fridge; it ruins uncooked tomatoes. You can put some oil in a covered container and place the cut end of the tomato (which I like to sprinkle with fine salt first) against that for a couple of days at room temp (if room temp is very hot, spoilage will occur faster).

          1. i would NEVER put a tomato in the fridge.
            just stick the cut side on a piece of plastic wrap, leave on counter and use within 24-30 hours. depending on heat level and ripeness of tomato, it will spoil, BUT you can usually just get rid of the snaky slime part by cutting off a small slice from the cut end. the rest of the tomato should be fine.

            I also know someone who swears by keeping cut tomatoes in a covered pyrex bowl, still room temp.

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              Sounds like another job for the glass jar...