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Jul 16, 2006 11:12 PM

Joe DiMaggio's Steakhouse

I had a very good friend from Dallas in town who wanted a place to take his son to dinner on Thursday night, a steakhouse. Joe's has just opened so I suggested it as something different. He's been to many Morton's, Ruth Chris's, etc.

So, they went. He gave it an "A". It was only not an "A+" because they put some sort of sauce on his steak. He's not a sauce person and he said there was no mention of it on the menu. Other than that thought it was outstanding, food, service and the space itself.

Be intereted in hearing some other reports on this new addiont to N. Beach.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This is by the same corporation that owns Bing Crosby's and McCovey's in Walnut Creek.

      Posting the correct spelling means your report will turn up if somebody searches. (The person who starts a topic can revise the title by clicking on it.)

    2. Went last night, very nicely decorated. Rotisserie chicken was a little dry, ribeye steak was very good and the rabbit was so so. Ordered a manhatten on the rocks but got it straight up in a martini glass. Then ordered a glass of the Hess cabernet on the wine menu but received a glass of the "house" cabernet. No big deal. Service was friendly and overall a very pleasant dinner.

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        Hmmm ... since steak houses are, IMHO, all about red meat and cocktails, it's not encouraging that they're failing on one of those components. There's really no excuse for a restaurant like that to screw up two different drink orders.