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Jul 16, 2006 10:59 PM

Santoku Knives

Looking to buy a santoku knife. Have my eye on a Henckels Twin Signature gran 7" santoku knife. Or should I buy from a restaurant supply such as They carry Dexter Russell. Anyone have a santoku knife they absolutely love or are they all about the same? Many thanks.

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  1. Here is one Japanese chef's opinion, from a recent issue of New York Magazine.

    1. Shun, MAC or Global are among the best for build quality and ergonomics. My SO loves her Global--which I find a bit petite--though I prefer old school Japanese blades she finds too heavy and awkward. Generally, you get what you pay for, so I'd skip cheapies or anything with a celeb cook's name plastered on it. Another tactic is to locate a good Japanese gift shop that carries knives. Many carry high grade blades in various shapes and weights. I have a Shun and a MAC and love both.

      1. For Japanese kitchen knives in a range of styles (Japanese and Western), materials (stainless, Damascus, carbon steel, etc.), and price ranges, you might also want to check out The Japan Woodworker, in Alameda, CA (IIRC). While they started as importers of Japanese woodworking tools, they now also have Japanese scissors, garden shears, kitchen knives and other such in price ranges from the low end to the upper tier of professional tools. There's another similar importer called Hida Tool (again, going on memory here) that has a less extensive selection, but still has good quality stuff that you might not find anywhere else.

        Both places tend to focus on the smaller Japanese manufacturers, rather than the big "name" brands such as Shun.

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          I have a Mac that I love. And I love shopping at Hida Tool. I bought a japanese fruit knife there that is great as my portable knife in my lunch box. I also bought a sharpening stone from them.

        2. My husband insisted on the Shun knives. I thought, you've got to be kidding, it's just knives, and we already had a decent Henckels block.

          Well, I'm now a convert. I've used all the knives in the block, but the santoku remains my favorite. Food is so much easier to cut with these amazing knives!

          1. Shun; the handles are wonderfully ergonomic.