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Jul 16, 2006 10:49 PM

DURANGO-- Serious Texas BBQ

In spite of the name, I went there(the location near the mall) expecting a similar experience to the other Colorado barbecue joints I've been to. Was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually do run things similarly to the Central Texas places. They have a few sides, but the feel was close enough to the Lockhart or Taylor places that I decided to go with it and just ordered meat[brisket and links(Meyer Elgin links, no less)--can't get more Texas than that], some light bread, and something to drink. Brisket was smoky and moist, and the links were the genuine article although not smoked as hard as they are in Central TX. I didn't try the sauce. Worthy of the Serious Texas BBQ name? You betcha.

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  1. Agreed! I have enjoyed both locations, the original out north and the new one near the mall. Consistently good Q. Sides are OK...pass on the cheesey potatoes which are not near cheesey enough. Their pulled pork with their special cherry salsa is most excellent.

    1. I agree that Serious Texas BBQ in Durango is very, very good. I was taking a long road trip that encompassed much of New Mexico and most of southern Colorado, and Durango was one of my last stops. Coming in from the north I immediately smelled the smoke and had to pull over. I tried the combination platter which included excellent, smoky brisket, nicely seasoned links and their special smoked pork loin, which was off the charts. I so loved the pork loin that I ordered one for shipment home. Try their cranberry relish with the pork. Their sides are very good. True cowboy beans, and the cole slaw is almost spicy, not overly sweet or mayonnaise-laden. Definitely worth the stop if you're in the mood for good 'Q.

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        Wow, 3 out of 3 ain't bad. Thanks for the good news!

        1. re: tatamagouche

          Make that four out of four. My son lives in Durango and it's one of his favorite apres-rafting stops. I'm not even all that crazy about BBQ and like it a lot. It has legit Texas roots, so authenticity is not surprising.

      2. Let's make if 5 for 5! I am originally from Farmington, NM and went to FLC where I chowed down on many a pulled pork sandwich and cheesy potatoes. I have since moved to Chicago where I have been looking for the same kind of sauce that is at STB but have had no luck yet. Lucky for me I'm headed home in June for the first time in 2 years and can't wait to stock up on the sauce and bring it back with me! My mouth is watering already!

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          We need to talk. As one from Farmington, who also graduated from FLC - who is planning to vacation in Chicago this summer - you and I probably have some shared interests. Are you on LTH Forum? I am at: milthill at I have been in Georgia for just over 26 years and have learned to appreciate all of the nuances of good bbq around the country - KC, Texas, Memphis, eastern NC, western NC, lamb, pork, beef, etc.

          Serious Texas BBQ is on my list to try on our next trip home - which is likely summer 2010. Last trip, we were only in Durango for one breakfast and had the rest of our meals in Farmington.

          1. re: Milt

            I am not on that forum but would be more than happy to give you some suggestions for your vacation to Chicago.

            But I hope that you went to Oscar's for your breakfast in Durango.

            1. re: abduction51

              We didn't make it to Oscar's. We had a wonderful breakfast at Jean Pierre Bakery - the French French baker.

              1. re: Milt

                Jean Pierre is one of my top places to grab lunch. I used to run there to get fresh baguettes on my lunch break between classes or a nice roasted vegetable sandwich.

              2. re: abduction51

                Oscar's? I like Oscar's, but as a former Durangatang myself, breakfast is usually had at the Meeting Place when I head back. Ok, ok, they now call it the College Drive Cafe but I still call it the Meeting Place.

                1. re: LurkerDan

                  You're not alone in calling it the Meeting Place.

          2. According to the Denver Post yesterday, there's an outpost in Loveland now, as well.