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Jul 16, 2006 10:04 PM

Top Five Dishes

What are the top five dishes in N.O.? Any type of food that is the best of its kind qualifies. I submit:

Galatoire's Oysters Rockefeller
Brigtsen's Seafood Platter
Palace Cafe's Crabmeat Cheesecake
Anything Susan Spicer Does With Sweetbreads
Galatoire's Hot Crabmeat Ravigote

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  1. Hansen's Sno-Bliz lemonade flavor
    Brocato's LA strawberry ice & blood orange ice
    Commander's turtle soup

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        After my husband ate Commander's turtle soup, he went on a quest in N.O. to find the best. It was Commander's hands down! We've also enjoyed Galatoire's wonderful, long lunch hours. The trout almandine is sooooo delicious. Mother's also makes a great debris sandwich!

      2. Did you ever have the sweetbreads at 1179? They were my favorites.
        crabmeat au gratin at the Bon Ton
        wild mushroom crepe at 7 on Fulton
        White gazpacho at Lillette
        Lental soup at Civello
        Reuben sandwich at Stanley's

        1. 1. Any kind of oysters at Casamento's
          2. Brennan's Brunch
          3. Commander's Gumbo
          4. Muffs at Central
          5. Any kind of oysters at Casamento's
          And if I had an extra to chose- Any kind of oysters at Casamento's

          1. Ok, I'll play - I believe everyone's favorites probably have a lot to do with where they are from.

            Mine, in no particular order:

            Soft Shell Crab topped with Crabmeat - Bon Ton Cafe

            Char-Grilled Oysters - Drago's (even though it is almost a cliche.)

            Fried Oyster Po' Boy - Mandina's

            Crabmeat and/or Shrimp Maison - Galatoire's

            Savory Crab and Sausage Cheesecake - Dick & Jenny's or Jacques-Imo's


            1. These are always so hard since I forget about many things but my top 5 are:
              Oysters Mosca/ chicken a la grande TIE- Mosca's
              crabmeat maison- Galatoire's
              Baked alaska-Antoine's
              duck confit- Herbsaint
              fried eggplant with crabmeat- Vizard's.