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Jul 16, 2006 09:39 PM

Is there Vietnamese in the Eastern SFV?

Just returned from Sydney where there are amazing amounts of Vietnamese and Thai restaurants in the city. Does anyone do Vietnamese in my area? Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Van Nuys, Encino?

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  1. there are the 2 pho shops at the intersection of Victory & Sepulveda, one in the 99Ranch center and the other across Sepulveda from it.
    Both are fine enough for that, yet I generally head at least to Silverlake for GingerGrass, or the blandish Indochine Vien on Glendale Blvd in Atwater, as proximity becomes the issue.
    Could use a good one, however, if anyone is reading!

    1. Although they are not in the eastern SFV, there are a bunch of VN restaurants near the corner of Reseda and Sherman Way, plus my favorite Banh Mi joint, La Baguette (on Reseda north of Sherman).

      I also discovered that the little grocery store one block west of Reseda on Sherman, with the Mexican sounding name, is actually mostly Asian, sort of like a mini 99 Ranch without the live lobster. Lots of asian greens.

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        I think you're thinking of Bangluck Market - It's actually Thai. There's larger Bangluck markets on Sherman Way near Sanamluang and one attached to Sanam on Hollywood Blvd. I prefer the hollyood store b-cuz they have premade yummies you can take home. The valley one does some times and the one on reseda, almost never or just Viet treats. - oh no maybe not b-cuz Bangluck is on Reseda :^ KQ

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          Nope. Bangluck is about two doors away and faces Reseda. This one shares the parking lot and is on Sherman (North side of the street).

          Ah, found it:
          Calimex Foods For Less
          Address: 18525 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA 91335
          Phone: (818) 881-5888

      2. There is a branch of Pho 999 at the corner of Sherman Way and Coldwater Canyon Avenue in North Hollywood. It's fine, though the decor is... well, no, to be honest, the decor isn't. It's a pho shop, though, it's not expected to have decor. The food is the same as the branches in Van Nuys and Reseda.

        As for Thai, along Sherman Way for about a half-mile in either direction are the best Thai places in the Valley -- Swan, Sunshine, Bua Siam, Cha Chaa, Sanamluang, Khun Dang and Krua. At Vanowen and Coldwater Canyon is Sri Siam, which is excellent; at Coldwater Canyon and Cantara (one block south of Roscoe) is the Wat Thai, the giant gilded Thai temple that has insanely good and insanely cheap food booths weekends for lunch.

        1. Yep -Sanamluang is great. There's one on Sherman Way NOHO and the temple is good fun on the weekends. I'm in Northridge and will go to two Viet places near me. One is at Desoto and Sherman Way - Ba Le Restaurant, on De Soto W side just behind Darby's. I get the cornish hen and rice for 5$. Soups are good too. My Vietemese manicurist turned me on to this shop. I also like the Pho place on Reseda (W) just N of Sherman Way. Don't know the name tho. If you'd like to try a Japanese noodle shop there's Kita Kyushu on Sherman Way N side in a strip mall just W of Sepulveda. Kita - means north and Kyushu is the name of the south island of Japan. - Noodle soups in Japan are regional some have special noodles, some areas specialize in their soup ingredients. All taken very seriously however. The heavier the soups esp with tempura usually come from Kyoto and N (because it's colder than the south). :) KQ