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Jul 16, 2006 09:25 PM

Mis Antojitos (aka Antojitos Mexicanos) Report...

As I promised to do in this thread:

hubby and made it over to this new place on the corner of 22nd and Harrison in SF, to check out breakfast. The actual name is Mis Antojitos ('My Little Cravings').

Bottom line: yes, will definitely be back. Lots of potential here...

As had been mentioned, the interior is quite pleasant, with faux brick painted walls, a few Mexican poster, big windows opened up to let in the breeze on this very nice day, a bar along one side (though I think they only serve beer and wine) and well-scattered tables. There is a counter facing the open kitchen, and some folks came in to get take-out there, but there is full table service as well.

Good English is spoken, though we were the only Anglo patrons. The place was about a third full, with Mexican music playing just a decibel or two louder than I would find ideal.

We got a late start on the day, but no worries: at just before noon they were serving both breakfast and lunch. We both ordered coffee, and were rewarded with huge mugs of some of the better coffee I've had a Mexican restaurant in SF. Espresso and capuccino are also available. I also ordered an orange juice, and got at least a full 8 ounces of fresh and bright tasting Valencia juice, of the same exact color as the slice of orange that came with my breakfast: the juice was squeezed on the spot. We were also brought a small dish of tasty chips and a medium-hot red salsa.

The breakfast menu options include chilaquiles with eggs or chicken, hot cakes, 'eggs al gusto', chorizo, ham and omelletes. Huevos Rancheros weren't listed, but I am sure they would make them as one of the al gusto options.

Hubby and I both decided on chilaquiles con pollo. However, while I really wanted breakfast, I also wanted to try the more extensive lunch menu. I asked how big the sopes where, mentioning that I just wanted to try them, and the owner/server immediately said he would bring me one on the house to sample. We also asked for a side order of corn tortillas.

The sope came out first: beans, lettuce, onion, crumbled cheese and stewed chicken. The chicken was very tasty and flavorful. Crunchy base, probably a little more cooked I think is ideal, but a good version nonetheless.

Next were the chilaquiles. I was very pleased to see that generous amounts of stewed chicken (the same that had been on the sope) was piled on top of the chilaquiles, instead of mixed in, which is my preference. The chilaquiles were topped with queso fresco, chopped onion and cilantro. Texture of the chilaquiles was spot on, neither too crunchy nor too soft; and infused completely with sauce. Sigh, the sauce was red (I prefer a tomatillo sauce), but quite tasty, with both spicy (ancho chiles perhaps) and sweet notes. Hubby and I both cleaned our plates. Sides were a small serving of rather bland rice, and some obviously house made, but also slightly bland beans. My tortillas were made in house as well, and came out freshly made and too hot to hold...yumm: texture was great (not too thick and chewy) although they could have used a bit more salt (no need to worry about a heavy hand on the salt here).

Service was friendly throughout, though the owner was more experienced than the other server, a nice but obviously inexperienced young woman who kept wanting to take our dishes before we were done.

Our total cost with tax and generous tip was $25; we were quite full and satisfied. Credit cards are accepted.

After eating, we chatted with the owner, who told us that he had also owned the Bella Vista, but that he thought Mexican was much better for this neighborhood. Based on his clientele, I'd agree. He also told us that he plans to put in an awning and some outside tables (which would have been very pleasant today), and that the chef is particularly adept with seafood dishes. This was not a surprise given the beautiful (and huge) cocktel de camarones we saw going to another table. Other dinner menu items that would be worth checking out include camarones in various preparations (diablo, ajitos, al mojo de ajo, and empanizados), tinga de pollo, ceviche, caldo de camaron, and pescado frito, along with standards such as enchiladas, carne asada, carnitas, tostados, etc.

On weekends there is pozole and menudo, and several guys at a nearby table appeared to be enjoying the menudo very much. The owner also told us that he plans to offer a different soup on special every night, and asked me what soups I might like to see. My plea for albondigas was immediately answered with, 'actually, the chef does a very good albondigas de camaron...are you interested in trying that?' Hubby says my eyes lit up like lights on a Christmas tree and the owner immediately promised that seafood albondigas will highlight the menu next Sunday, so Hounds that know me know where I will be that evening!

As I said, the place has potential. Real potential. I hope other hounds check out more of the menu and report on their meals as well. Hubby and I will certainly be back.

Mis Antojitos
2598 Harrison Street (at 22nd
)San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel: 415-641-6195
Fax: 415-641-4984
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

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  1. Thanks for the thorough review. I am curious about this place and will check it out soon.

    1. Just came back from Mis Antojitos with two friends. Overall, I was
      not that excited. I realize the above review was b'fast and we were
      there for dinner, but there does seem to be a bit of a Rashomon
      experience here ...

      We had a whole fish item, the milanesa with the "salad", rice and
      beans on the side, the camaron y pulpo cocktail and the pozole.

      I liked the rice ... I thought it was nicely flavored.
      The milanesa was ok, but it wasnt all that exciting. I was a little
      annoyed at getting just a sliver of avocado with an $11 entree ...
      you get more avocado inside a $5 burrito ... no lemon or lime etc.
      I dont think anybody liked the fish that much. I thought it was
      pretty dry and not that tasty ... but it's not my kind of thing,
      I would have ordered the carne asada instead. The polzole and the
      sea cocktail were probably the best items.

      We tried all of the Mexican drinks [horchata, tamarindo etc] ...
      they were a a little watery, but that was desirable on a
      very warm evening ... better than a cloyingly sweet fruit juice.
      Dont recall price per glass.

      The chips were better than a bunch of other places. My friends liked
      the salsa, but it wasnt so much to my taste [not a criticism ... just
      preference. I did add a little some parts of my entre.]

      I suspect the owner mentioned above was probably not around when we
      were there, and we were dealing with "the other server, a nice but
      obviously inexperienced young woman." I'm usually pretty forgiving
      about slightly bad service if the establishment is warm and friendly,
      but considering it wasnt busy at all and the bill was probably around
      $60/3, I'd have expected a little more attentiveness ... there were a
      bunch of "is everything ok" passes but some things should have gone
      unsaid [refilling water etc], order and timing of serving items etc.

      I also thought the menu was a little small ... I would have thought
      they would have had a lot of specials but it was just menudo and pozole.
      I was excited to try the albondigas but the "nice but inexperienced
      young woman" had no idea what I was talking about. Was that supposed to
      be offered on a different Sunday? Has anybody else had it there?

      I might make another pass at brunch hour, but right now I dont see
      making it a standard dinner option.

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      1. re: psb

        Thanks for the update, and I am sorry to hear that the fish was dry since the owner said seafood was a specialty of the for the albondigas: yes, it was supposed to be this Sunday, and given how brand new the place is I very much doubt if many or even any others on the board have tried them as a special (but please post if you have!)....As for me, alas, I had an unexpected family obligation today and couldn't make it over there. So, in a way I am glad it wasn't on the menu! I suspect that someone decided that a record heat day wasn't the day to put a special soup on the menu....even I wouldn't have felt like eating albondigas today.(though I have been feeling bad all day about not getting there today).

        BTW, there was an ad (in Spanish)in the window for an 'experienced' server when we were there, so hopefully it will improve service in the owner's absence if they get someone else on board, though obviously the language of the sign is an indication that speaking Spanish may be helpful here, depending upon who is working a particular day....