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Jul 16, 2006 09:12 PM

beef broth?

I'm too lazy to make my own beef broth... can someone name the best canned beef broth..close to the real one.. preferably as natural it can be.. or organice.but if not I'll take any suggestions

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  1. Better than Boullion makes a decent beef broth. Not canned, but in a jar by the soup. Cost around $4.00, but makes lots of cups of broth and is easy to store and keep in frig. You always have it on hand and your just add 1 tea. to a cup of water and you have broth! Swansons (in a box, like the chicken broth) is 0-k as well. As with all broths tho, you have to watch the salt.

    1. Generally, pre-made beef broth is not nearly as successful as chicken. Veggie broth tends to be even worse (too many carrots is a common problem).

      Penzey's soup bases are somewhat better than Better Than Bouillon IMO.

      Organic broths vary widely in quality over time, sometimes ranking very high, sometimes appallingly low, which perhaps is because the quality of ingredients will naturally be more variable than things based on more uniform non-organic ingredients.

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        I agree, much perfer the Penzey's to BtB. The swanson's canned stuff, stay FAR away from...


      2. Whole Foods sells a frozen beef stock (as well as chicken and fish stock) that is quite good. It defrosts easily in the microwave. I always have it in my freezer.

        1. Kitchen Basics is also decent. I get their chicken and beef broths from Trader Joe's.

          1. Bestfoods Foodservice puts out a line of different soup base, sold under the name "LeGout 095" that is quite good. The Beef or Chicken comes in a 16oz jar,and is sold thru restaurant supply types of stores.