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Jul 16, 2006 09:06 PM

chinese lunch in ATL

Any suggestions for chinese lunch in Atlanta?
I know the one frequently recommended place (can't remember the name) closed, but didn't it reopen or in a different location?


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  1. Atlanta is a BIG city, what area are you interested in? There are many chinese/oriental restaurants along Buford Hwy with Little Schechuan catching most of the attention for Chinese.

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      Sorry to not be more specific. I live in Atlanta, and I just can't remember if Frank Ma's has opened somewhere else or the chef started a different place.
      I'm basically trying to find a place of that caliber along the Buford Hway area.

    2. I forget the exact deal- whether it's Frank or his family or what, and I've only been once, but the food court in the little Asian mall next to Frank Ma's has one vendor that's related (Steve Drucker hopefully will chime in and correct me and/or add the name). It was very good- went for my birthday about 6 mo.s ago and have been trying to get back since. My only gripe was wanting to order a dry noodle dish (i.e. stir-fried, not soup) that an Asian couple was eating but not being successful.

      1. Little Szechuan has been in decline, ever since the clientele became 90% non-Chinese.

        Frank Ma sold his restaurant almost a year ago. It's now called Din Ho, under new management, with a new chef. We've had two good meals there recently.

        Steve Drucker and I both reviewed Din Ho on this AC thread:

        One of the chefs from Frank Ma's (and his wife, our favorite waitress) opened a stall at the New Chinatown Food Court called China Kitchen.

        For more info, check out this AC thread:

        1. You might be thinking of Dinho--never been but I think it has some link to Frank Ma's. There is another dumpling house called Chef Liu's that you may be thinking of. It is in Pine Tree Plaza and I adore their Shanghai Dumplings (when done right) and sesame paste noodles.

          1. I had dinner at Hsu's last week and really enjoyed it. They could not have been nicer and the food was delicious.