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Jul 16, 2006 08:55 PM

silicone muffin cups?

I am tempted by these silly things. Are they worth it? I have a silicone muffin pan, which I have to put on a baking sheet, and while it works like a charm, I keep eyeing my old muffin tins and wondering, hmmmm... silicone muffin cup liners...

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  1. I own a set of those and it's a pain to clean. Yes the muffins, cupcakes, what have you, come out of the liners but they leave a good bit of crumbs in between the grooves and you have to clean them with a sponge or something to get it out.

    Personally, I'll stick with the good old fashioned muffin pan because it browns the baked goods evenly and when it's greased with some butter and everything comes out like a charm.

    1. I have the silicone muffin cup liners, too, and I agree with chocokitty that they are a pain to clean. They are very sturdy, though, and can be placed right on a baking sheet rather than using them to actually line a muffin tin. I do like the oversized ones since I can make two or three oversized ones at a time when I need oversized muffins (which is VERY rarely) but for regular muffins and cupcakes my regular muffin tin or silicone muffin pan are just fine.

      1. Don't do it. The resort where I worked had silicone muffin pans, and the crust on the muffin turns this really unpalatable plasticky texture. You're better off sticking with the old pans, or getting a new set of Baker's Secret nonstick pans from the grocery store.

        1. What they are great for is as dividers in Bento Box type lunches, such as those pictured here:

          Why are they so darned expensive, though? Anyone know of a great cheap Canadian source?

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            That's what I use mine for, too-I can sometimes find them at TJMaxx or other bargain housewares stores...

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              I'll check out the bargain places. We don't have TJ Maxx here. Thanks, though!