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Jul 16, 2006 08:53 PM

Temescal Farmers Market report

Stopped by the inaugural Temescal farmers market today, in the DMV parking lot on Claremont. It was packed, and there were some great vendors. Going from memory, the vendors included Happy Boy/Happy Girl, Ella Bella, Lucero, Kashiwase stone fruit, and most excitingly, Shogun Fish. Great stuff, and a great boon to the neighborhood.

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  1. Yes, I went too, and it is wonderful. My favorite thing was the Laloo's goat milk ice cream, they're from Petaluma. OMG...the fig ice cream was sooo good. I bought a pint of the Molasses Tipsycake flavor, molasses flavored ice cream with bits of oatmeal cookie. I am trying to keep away from the freezer until later. I don't remember the names of the vendors, but there was someone selling pot pies of all varieties (sweet and savory), which I thought was interesting, and a soy food vendor, who had some yummy varieties of tofu. I questioned whether it would be a good space for a market, but it felt really nice...very much the neighborhood fair feeling. Yay!

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      1. Every Sunday year-round, 9 am to 1 pm, at the DMV, 5300 Claremont Ave.