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Lynbrook Farmer's Market

Just got back from the Lynbrook farmer's market located beside the train station every Sunday morning.
It's a very limited affair - you shouldn't end up staying more than half an hour even if you visit all 4 stands.
One of the stands sells imported Polish jams and mustards with a few pre-packaged breads and babkas, and another stand sells variously flavoured pickles. I tend to give both these stands a miss.
That leaves the veggie stand and the fruit stand.
Slim pickings today (I got there at 10:00am - obviously too late) but I did get some of their spectacular arugala ($2.00 for a large bunch) and a gigantic bunch of basil for $2.00. The romaine lettuce at $2.50 was alright but nothing compared to the amazing and massive red leaf lettuce I got there last week for the same price.
They had already run out of tomatoes - judging by the fantastic tomatoes I got there last week I am not surprised.
The fruit stand had delicious apricots and peaches and surprise surprise - gooseberries at $3.00 a pint. These were not the hairy green variety I am used to from over in Scotland - instead they were smooth and pinkish.
Last purchase was some of their blueberries which I have been adding to my oatmeal every morning since I first got them last week.
All in all - the quality is quite good and the prices generally match the quality which you just won't find in supermarkets.

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  1. i have shopped there several times and have found the quality to be excellent however many of the products are gone early,especially the pies from the farmer in rockland-its called the orchards of conklin, i think.

    1. I am also a regular at this market. There was a guy selling olive oil there last Sunday also. As to the stands you "miss", I respectfully disagree. The pickles are fresh made and wonderful. Of course, if you don't like pickles, skip it, but if you do, he has a very nice variety and we have enjoyed everything. I particularly like the honey-mustard chips that have a faint hotness to them. My hubby cannot live without his weekly fix of the garlic pickles.
      The bread man has a mulitgrain bread that is almost more grain than bread - it makes outrageous toast.
      The vegetables are great. He has been carrying a type of lettuce called "French crisp" that we like, which looks like a cross between romaine and iceberg. And of course, the corn....the reason summer was invented!

      1. I got to the lynbrook market shortly after 9 this morning. only 4 vendors probably due to the holiday weekend,but the pickings were great !!!

        first stop was the farmer from rockland with the quiches,cider and other goodies. I got a large sausage,onion and tomato quiche-alas they dont make the four cheese anymore- a large jug of apple cider,some apple cider doughnuts and a small pecan pie and a small suger free blueberry pie.

        i placed an order for both a ham quiche and a sausage quiche for next sunday.

        next stop was the bread guy for the "multi-grain" bread that scribbler mentioned. i also picked up a "farmers rye" bread that looks delicious. his website is bake4u.com.

        last stop was to get the "french crisp" lettuce,so fresh it still had the dirt on it, i was told that it had been harvested yesterday.

        alas, the honey mustard chips and the garlic pickles were no where to be found- maybe next weekend.

        i really recommend this market its small but the quality is excellent. it starts the first sunday in june. and has been extended by popular demand to the sunday before thanksgiving.

        1. i forgot to mention...the lynbrook farmers market is NOT at the train station. It is at the corner of forest avenue and stauderman avenue in the village parking lot behind the eckerd drug store. It is approximately 2 long blocks from the station,and 1 block off sunrise highway.

          the hours are from 8 am to around 1-115 or so on sunday,come early for the best selections.

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            i thought other chowhounders might want to know that the hours of the market are 7 am to 12 noon every sunday thru sunday november 19,2006- not the hours that i previously mentioned.

          2. i was back at the market earlier today. alas no "french crisp" lettuce this week. i was told that the crop was "too small". but the pickle guy was there and his honey-mustard chips and garlic pickles are delicious. alas the bread guy wasnt there this week- you cant have it all.

            1. The pickle guy was there??? I was there last week and I was told that they weren't coming back this year. Did he say how long he would stick around???

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                yup..he sure was there-i got there around 9 am give or take a few minutes.I didnt ask him how long he would stick around. But its obvious that not every vendor is there every week-the bread guy was there on 9/3 but was a no-show on the 10th;he does have a website as i mentioned in a previous post.

              2. WHO has the website? Bread guy or Pickle Man??

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                1. i just want to let fellow chowhounders know-the hours for the market have been changed YET AGAIN- it is now back to 8 am-1:15 pm sundays thru november 19th.

                  went there yesterday a little after 9am and it was already busy. picked up a ham quiche,some cider,cider apple dougnuts,a small cherry pie and a small sugar-free apple pie.

                  stopped at the next stall and got some "boston lettuce" and some beefsteak tomatoes.again no "french crisp" lettuce because they said,"the deer ate it".

                  no pickle guy yesterday-i hope he's not gone for the season as his products are delicious.

                  the bread people were setting up shop as i left.

                  btw theres a fellow who has a stand selling marinades-interesting variety but expensive at $10 a bottle.

                  1. just came back from the market and it was mobbed despite the rain. i got banana bread and cider from the orchards of conklin. btw they DO have the four-cheese quiche but it can special ordered one week in advance because by 830 am its gone.its delicious and melts in your mouth.

                    i also did get the "french crisp" lettuce and 3 beefsteak tomatoes;great quality but a little pricy at $6.50 total.

                    the bread people were having a "rainy day" sale. i got a cheese
                    babka and a multgrain bread for $5.50.- a great deal.

                    alas, it looks like the pickle guy is gone for the year- oh well. i wonder if anyone knows how to contact him.

                    1. made my weekly trip there earlier...got my four cheese quiche, a ham quiche and a jug of cider.

                      picked up a chocolate cheese bobka from the bread man.

                      one "french crisp" head of lettuce and one huge beefsteak tomato cost me $4.90-again i think this is pricy and will cut back to every second week.

                      no pickle guy i guess he really is done for the year :(

                      1. i went back today after a 4 week hiatus. got there at 9 am and ALL of the french crisp lettuce and ALL of the 4 cheese quiches were gone. But i did get cider apple doughnuts, a bottle of cider and a small pumpkin pie. I did get a cherry cheese and a cheese bobka from the bread guy and a head of boston lettuce and 3 small tomatoes from the farmer from orient for $5-much more reasonable.

                        btw i found out from the cider people( the orchards of conklin in pomona,ny) that despite the signs on sunrise highway the hours have been changed for the upmteenth time BACK to 7 am-12 noon.so i ordered a 4 cheese and ham/cheese quiche for next week and was assured by the farmer that french crisp lettuce will be availiable next sunday. i plan to get there as close to 7 as i can. The market wraps up for the year on sunday november 19-their busiest day of the entire season i was told.

                        1. THE PICKLE GUY WAS THERE!!!! THE PICKLE GUY WAS THERE!!!!

                          i couldnt believe it...there he was...with his delicious honey mustard pickles. i bought a small jar ($5)& he said that he would be there next week as well.

                          the quiche people were a no-show. the farmer said they were ill but would be there next sunday for the final day of the season.

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                          1. re: mrbeachy

                            the market has started up for the 2007 season today,june 3, only three vendors present- the quiche and cider people,the farmer with the french crisp lettuce- he had one head of "red crisp" which i bought;alas no tomatoes. the bread and bobka people were there and i bought a chocolate cheese bobka. no pickle guy- hopefully he will be there next week.

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                              the pickle guy-actually the pickle lady was there last sunday...i got my small jar of honey mustard pickles ( $5) . she told me that they "plan" to be at lynbrook every sunday.

                              here is the contact information:
                              nick horman jr
                              horman's best pickles
                              36 garvies point road
                              glen cove ny 11542


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                                  I left Lynbrook after high school in 1965 for life in upstate NY-where we have great farmers markets. It's heartwarming to a Chowhound that my old hometown now has its own farmers market.

                          2. How many vendors are there? And what time does it open? I love farmers markets - miss the greenmarket in union square. Don't want to shlep from Merrick unless it's worth it!

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                            1. re: amymsmom

                              theres usually between 4 and 5, but the quality and variety are very good. the hours are from 7 am to 12 noon on sundays; most of the good pickings are gone by 9 am - 930 am. my friend comes from wantagh when he can for his fix of honey mustard pickles,bobkas and quiches among other things.

                              1. re: mrbeachy

                                I'm dieting, and don't need the cake or quiche. Generally how's the produce?

                                1. re: amymsmom

                                  the produce is quite good,.it comes from a farm in orient...my favorite is the "french crisp" lettuce- a cross between romaine and iceberg-in both red and green varieties. his tomatoes are quite good;for now he said he'll get some from a friend in mattituck until his are ripe.

                                  1. re: mrbeachy

                                    I'm sold - thanks for the info. I also looked up the pickle guy. Now I just have to move myself early sunday AM!

                                    1. re: amymsmom

                                      i just thought that you should know that the signs at the corner of sunrise highway and forest avenue say that the market is open from 8 am - 1 pm.

                                      IT IS NOT. get there as early as you can for the best pickings. :)

                                      1. re: mrbeachy

                                        very slim pickings today-only 2 vendors- the produce guy and the quiche-cider people from rockland. arrived at 830 am only to find all but 2 quiches gone-so i placed an order for next week. got one head of "red crisp" as the green is still not ready. ditto for the tomatoes but the produce guy said he'll have some next week.

                                        1. re: mrbeachy

                                          all four vendors were there today- the bobka folks who had a delicious cheese bobka,the farmer from orient-alas still no tomatoes,"2-3 more weeks", the pickle lady- who had a full supply of honey mustard pickles,and the quiche and cider folks from rockland..i ordered a ham and sausage quiche for next week

                                          . their quality is excellent- the guy in front me spent $60. im having the four cheese quiche for dinner as i speak...yum

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                                            there were two new vendors this week in addition to the usuals- one was selling something called "laguna chips";very light and fluffy chips- .the other vendor was selling "oils and marinades from croatia" which he said was an old family recipe.they werent cheap-around $8-$10 a bottle-;ill try them in the future. The farmer from orient had some delicious tomatoes-finally. i took three of those,2 ears of fresh corn and one head of "red french crisp" lettuce- all for $5.75.

                                            1. re: mrbeachy

                                              went to the market last sunday. all the vendors were there-and the farmer from orient actually had a LINE-i waited 20 minutes before i could get my corn and tomatoes,alas no "french crisp" lettuce so i settled for "boston lettuce". i also got a four cheese quiche from the quiche/cider people. word is getting out about this market- the people standing in front and behind me were from freeport and merrick or wantagh.

                                              1. re: mrbeachy

                                                went back to the market and it was beyond MOBBED..lines everywhere..and a full complement of vendors,including a new one called Papa Pasquales of brooklyn who sells excellent 5 cheese ravioli,mozzarella balls,cheese breads,and many other delicious specialties. He's a welcome addition to Lynbrook.

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                                                  the lynbrook market shuts down for the year on sunday november 18th. it doesnt reopen again until early june of 2008.

                                                  1. re: mrbeachy

                                                    an FYI for those interested:

                                                    Lynbrook market opened on June 8,2008.It is scheduled to be open till November 23rd.The hours have been finalized at 7 am-12 noon for this year.New vendors include a seafood vendor and a bakery.Products are delicious and reasonably priced.Arrive early for the best selections.

                                                    1. re: mrbeachy

                                                      i thought that i would pass along this information to those who are interested:

                                                      the lynbrook farmers market is being relocated to rockville centre,the next village over,due to foot-dragging,politics and lynbrook's refusal to "recertify" the market for the 2009 season.

                                                      the new location is on sunrise highway just east of the baseball field on the north side and west of long beach road. it has both much more room for both parking and vendors,and is only a few minutes from its previous location.

                                                      I will post more details when i receive them from the LI Growers Association.

                                                        1. re: mrbeachy

                                                          I have just spoken to the growers association and received the details for the 2009 season.

                                                          The Rockville Centre market will begin the 2009 season on Sunday June 7, 2009. It will conclude on Sunday November 22nd.

                                                          Hours will be the same-7 am to 12 noon.
                                                          Location will be rockville centre parking field 12 -on the north side of sunrise highway,west of long beach road,and east of the baseball diamond.

                                                          There will be some new vendors added for this season. More details to follow at a later date.

                                                            1. re: tomatoe

                                                              today was week 1 of the 2009 season at the new location.

                                                              located at sunrise highway west and long beach road (rockville centre parking field #12) the market was moderately busy when I arrived around 8:45 am.

                                                              Theres much more room for both customers and vendors,with ample parking both on sunrise highway and the far end of the lot. The Growers Association was there to handle "any glitches that may arise" and the mayor of rockville centre and some of her officials were also there. The formal dedication and ribbon cutting will be held at a later date.

                                                              Hours are the same:

                                                              7 am to 12 noon each sunday thru November 22nd-rain or shine.

                                                              Heres a list of vendors that I recall-some old,some new:

                                                              one vendor selling gourmet soap
                                                              "Artisan Bread- delicious cibatta bread and mor
                                                              one vendor selling "oils and marinades from croatia".
                                                              one vendor selling "marinades and more"
                                                              one vendor selling "gourmet meats and more" filet mignon at $24 a lb-ouch.Was told by the growers association that "its top quality".

                                                              vendors from last year:
                                                              Seafood vendor selling shrimp,scampi,different types of fish and more. all kept on ice in enclosed see thru coolers,which was constantly checked and refilled when needed.
                                                              A Taste of Home Bakery-bought some delicious onion rolls. 6 for $3.50
                                                              Papa Pasquales Ravioli & More- bought 2 trays of 5 cheese ravioli-$10. i saw mozzarella balls,lobster ravioli and much more.
                                                              Orchards of Conklin- fresh cider,cookies,eggs,pies,quiches and much more. this year they have added flowers and plants.
                                                              Terry's Farm- got some delicious strawberries and one head of "red french crisp" lettuce. tomatoes will arrrive later in the month and corn sometime in july.

                                                              spent $45 today. I wish the growers association and all the vendors a good,profitable 2009 season.

                                                              1. re: mrbeachy

                                                                Went to the market yesterday. Terry's Farm had plenty of corn but tomatoes wont be ready for another couple of weeks.

                                                                Forgot to mention-there is a vendor selling homemade dog treats,and another selling gourmet dressings.

                                                                The pickle people were there. Alas both Papa Pasquales and the gourmet meat vendor were no-shows. Perhaps next time.

                                                                1. re: mrbeachy

                                                                  I've always been amused at the idea of homemade, gourmet dog treats, speaking, as we are, of an animal that'll literally eat vomit.

                                                                  1. re: Scott_R

                                                                    my dog is very picky about what he eats,and he certainly DOES NOT eat vomit.he luvs those gourmet dog treats,btw.

                                                                    things are humming along smoothly at the rvc market. cant believe its in already august.