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Jul 16, 2006 07:48 PM

Lynbrook Farmer's Market

Just got back from the Lynbrook farmer's market located beside the train station every Sunday morning.
It's a very limited affair - you shouldn't end up staying more than half an hour even if you visit all 4 stands.
One of the stands sells imported Polish jams and mustards with a few pre-packaged breads and babkas, and another stand sells variously flavoured pickles. I tend to give both these stands a miss.
That leaves the veggie stand and the fruit stand.
Slim pickings today (I got there at 10:00am - obviously too late) but I did get some of their spectacular arugala ($2.00 for a large bunch) and a gigantic bunch of basil for $2.00. The romaine lettuce at $2.50 was alright but nothing compared to the amazing and massive red leaf lettuce I got there last week for the same price.
They had already run out of tomatoes - judging by the fantastic tomatoes I got there last week I am not surprised.
The fruit stand had delicious apricots and peaches and surprise surprise - gooseberries at $3.00 a pint. These were not the hairy green variety I am used to from over in Scotland - instead they were smooth and pinkish.
Last purchase was some of their blueberries which I have been adding to my oatmeal every morning since I first got them last week.
All in all - the quality is quite good and the prices generally match the quality which you just won't find in supermarkets.

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  1. i have shopped there several times and have found the quality to be excellent however many of the products are gone early,especially the pies from the farmer in rockland-its called the orchards of conklin, i think.

    1. I am also a regular at this market. There was a guy selling olive oil there last Sunday also. As to the stands you "miss", I respectfully disagree. The pickles are fresh made and wonderful. Of course, if you don't like pickles, skip it, but if you do, he has a very nice variety and we have enjoyed everything. I particularly like the honey-mustard chips that have a faint hotness to them. My hubby cannot live without his weekly fix of the garlic pickles.
      The bread man has a mulitgrain bread that is almost more grain than bread - it makes outrageous toast.
      The vegetables are great. He has been carrying a type of lettuce called "French crisp" that we like, which looks like a cross between romaine and iceberg. And of course, the corn....the reason summer was invented!

      1. I got to the lynbrook market shortly after 9 this morning. only 4 vendors probably due to the holiday weekend,but the pickings were great !!!

        first stop was the farmer from rockland with the quiches,cider and other goodies. I got a large sausage,onion and tomato quiche-alas they dont make the four cheese anymore- a large jug of apple cider,some apple cider doughnuts and a small pecan pie and a small suger free blueberry pie.

        i placed an order for both a ham quiche and a sausage quiche for next sunday.

        next stop was the bread guy for the "multi-grain" bread that scribbler mentioned. i also picked up a "farmers rye" bread that looks delicious. his website is

        last stop was to get the "french crisp" lettuce,so fresh it still had the dirt on it, i was told that it had been harvested yesterday.

        alas, the honey mustard chips and the garlic pickles were no where to be found- maybe next weekend.

        i really recommend this market its small but the quality is excellent. it starts the first sunday in june. and has been extended by popular demand to the sunday before thanksgiving.

        1. i forgot to mention...the lynbrook farmers market is NOT at the train station. It is at the corner of forest avenue and stauderman avenue in the village parking lot behind the eckerd drug store. It is approximately 2 long blocks from the station,and 1 block off sunrise highway.

          the hours are from 8 am to around 1-115 or so on sunday,come early for the best selections.

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            i thought other chowhounders might want to know that the hours of the market are 7 am to 12 noon every sunday thru sunday november 19,2006- not the hours that i previously mentioned.

          2. i was back at the market earlier today. alas no "french crisp" lettuce this week. i was told that the crop was "too small". but the pickle guy was there and his honey-mustard chips and garlic pickles are delicious. alas the bread guy wasnt there this week- you cant have it all.