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Jul 16, 2006 07:12 PM

Near San Diego Convention Center? [San Diego]

I'm driving down this Friday to the big comic book convention in San Diego at the convention center. What's within walking distance of there that's cheap and good? I'd be especially interested in a good seafood restaurant that's good even if it's not cheap.

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  1. The Oceanaire Seafood Room on 4th and J is very good. They have a really nice oyster bar. Product is flown in fresh every day. I have been several times. The oysters have been perfect. Very good clam chowder. Nice rendition of Oysers Rockefeller. Very good prawn cocktail. One time they over cooked my hallibut but when I told my server he wisked it away and brought me a new one that was cooked to perfection. Anyway there are other options such as Blue Point Coastal or Top of The Market which are both good but Oceanaire would be my pick. For cheap options I am sure other hounds will chime in. I rarely eat cheap when downtown so it is not my area of expertise

    1. McCormick & Schmick's (though part of a chain) is near the Convention Center as well....if the Padres are NOT in town, they have an amazing happy hour special from 4 - 6:30PM (May want to double check hours) that includes a limited number of dishes and appetizers for $ 1.95 with a beverage purchase (i.e. 1/2 lb. burger with steak fries, seafood appetizers, etc).

      1. I'll second Captain Jack's rec for Oceanaire. Within walking distance of the Convention Center and moderately priced is Tin Fish, here's their web page -

        1. closer to the ballpark is Cafe Chloe. Euro style bistro for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Moderately priced, really good food. Their pomme frites have been one of my all time favorites! Their mussels in saffron broth are also supposed to be very good.

          1. Ciro's Pizzeria is a good, cheap option. I'm not sure the other posters on here saw that you requested "cheap".

            Ciro's has New York-style thin crust pizza, and they normally have a special that includes two slices and a soda for $6. Some of their topping options are very good - just be advised if you order pesto that you won't want to speak to anyone for the rest of the day.

            Unfortunately, the Gaslamp isn't really overflowing with cheap options.

            There are a number of places where you can get a meal for around $15 with beverage. Cafe Chloe, Bandar, Marketplace Grille, and Alambres are a few of these.

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              For really cheap, just take the Orange line trolley (though you could walk) to the American Plaza station, get off and walk directly into the Grab & Go sub shop. On top of their cold display counter is a plexi-glass cube with foot long subs in it for $4.29+tax. They're filling and not too bad if you need something fast and quick. For under $6 you can have them make one of the subs off their regular menu. Add a soda and a bag of chips and you're out the door for under $9, less if you forego the chips.

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                Forgot about Grab-n-Go. They make some tasty sandwiches. I love the grilled feta cheese.