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Jul 16, 2006 07:06 PM

Lobster joint near Port Jefferson?

Posting this for my mom, looking for a clambake-style lobster joint in the Port Jeff or north fork area. You know, the $19.95 special with the 1 1/4 lb steamed lobster.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The Steam Room in Port Jeff is the best place I can think of for that sort of thing, order at the window and wait for your number to get called. I've not had lobster there but you can't really screw up boiled lobster. I love their fried bay scallops.

    I'm not sure about current prices.

    1. Tara's in Port Jeff Station used to have a SUPER cheap lobster deal but I am not sure 1) if they are even still open and 2) if they still serve lobster. They are right by the tracks as you are going Down Port.

      1. Tara's used to be a bit divey- not someplace I'd send my mom.

        1. Go out of your way to Mount Sinai to eat at Land and Sea. Fish store in front, restaurant in rear. And the $19.95 lobster with mussels, corn, etc. (no salad)

          1. Oh, and the steam room isn't a dive? LOL. Tara's is still around and the food is kick-arse. Also, on the corner there is a lobster joint and I always see all-you-can eat specials advertised, esp. for weekdays. Haven't been there yet but it's definitely on my to-do list. The parking lot is always packed so that must be a good sign.

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              Tara's rocks..Pricier than it used to be but aren't they all??Still the food is really good.Another great location for the old lobster special is the Crossroads Inn. They have a Thurs(??) nite LobsterSpecial for 17.99...Very quaint and very very good.Located on the southern tip of Northport.