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July 16 - National Ice Cream Day

July is National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday, which is July 16, is National Ice Cream Day. http://www.idfa.org/facts/icmonth/pag...

What local ice cream did you choose to celebrate?

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  1. Screaming Mimi's in Sebastopol!

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    1. Laloo's goat milk Molasses Tipsycake ice cream from the Temescal farmer's market....delicious. Plus a spoonful each of their fig and strawberry flavors. I have done my duty for 2006.

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        Mmmm, almost bought the molasses today. A pint of Laloo's cost me $6.99 at Whole foods. Same price at the farmer's market?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          $7.00. It was really delicious. Had both oatmeal cookie fragments and a couple of raisins in it. It wasn't gritty, as you describe the fig.

      2. I was sitting with a dish of ice cream (Double Rainbow vanilla with a homemade brownie) when I pulled this up. I guess I'll have to stop at Tucker's later, too.

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        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I just got home with a container of Double Rainbow Vanilla which I went out and bought on purpose because I read it was National Ice Cream Day. I'll be having mine with a drizzle of sorghum on top.

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            The venerable Double Rainbow, always a good thing to have on hand.

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              > I'll be having mine with a drizzle of sorghum on top.<

              Where are you from? I don't think I've heard the word "sorghum" since I left Missouri a long time ago.

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                As a kid growing up in California, we had sorghum (syrup, to be proper) with our pancakes all the time. Of course, my grandmother was from Missouri!

          2. Didn't know about it until now! Luckily I have some black sesame gelato from Marco Polo at home. :-D.

            1. Thanks. It gave me the excuse to finally splurge on the Strauss organic raspberry ice cream ... lovely ... creamy yet light, like frozen whipped cream if that was possible. Nice tart/sweet raspberry flavor.

              A happy NICD to you, too

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                Tasting Strauss or Spring Hill's product, that's when you really realize that the source of the milk makes a difference.

              2. I celebrated with a carmel-praline butterscotch sundae at Shaws in Milbrae after a wonderful lunch with Chowfun and Limster at Ming Tai across the street. Chowfun should be filling the details of that meal in another post.

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                  Thanks for mentioning Shaw's. I haven't been to one since I was a wee one. Apparently the Millbrae location is one of three remaining. The others are in West Portal in SF and Yorba Linda, and they're now independently owned. Does the Millbrae store make its own ice cream?

                  Shaw's history -

                2. Guess I should add my own entry. I stopped at Whole Foods in Sebastpol this afternoon to pick up some Laloo's, after deciding to bypass Screamin' Mimi's. It was tough to decide what flavor to get, not having tried this goat ice cream before. I picked the Mission black fig, though my hand wavered over the molasses for a while. I just tried a bit and like the flavor combination of goatiness with the fig very much. The texture is somewhat gritty, not just from fig but seems to be the character of the ice cream itself, despite the use of gums and carrageen.

                  After buying this I swung by Forestville and realized I could score some blueberry ice cream as well.

                  Sebastopol Berry Farm blueberry ice cream -

                  Yesterday I got a jump on things with a taste of Spring Hill's organic lavender ice cream. Has anyone tried the chocolate flavor?

                  Spring Hill lavender ice cream -

                  1. Three Twins Ice Cream! It's this amazing organic ice cream based on San Rafael. I had it at Terzo, but it's also at some farmer's markets and other restaurants....yummy.

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                    1. I celebrated at Sketch, naturally. I was delighted to see the first peach ice cream of the season and had a cup with a dollop of their Strauss yogurt ice cream. The peach was excellent - sweet with a hint of acid and an occasional sliver of peach skin. The yogurt served as a nice palate cleanser between bites. Finished it off with one of their perfect chocolate chip cookies.

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                      1. re: Morton the Mousse

                        Wow! I was getting worried that M the M was NOT going to post about Sketch! Whew.

                        I celebrated with dollop of Ciao Bella Vaniglia over a homemade plum tart with a crumbly topping of chopped almonds, marzipan, brown sugar and flour. WhooooooooooEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee.

                        Part of the celebration was NOT eating all day at the Round Table in Strawberry Village (or whatever it's called) while playing in a Scrabble tournament for 5 hours.

                      2. Double celebration for me with some of Three Twins' organic Coffee ice cream at the Berkeley Farmers' Market and then whipped up a batch of homemade Lychee ice cream at home in my trusty churner :) Oh and thanks Melanie for validating my innate need for ice cream this weekend. (that must've been the reason for the craving)

                        Oh and if it just happened to have been National Cured Meat, Cheese, Bread and Wine Day, then the rest of my weekend endeavors would've also been justified. Then again, when aren't they?

                        P.S. I also picked up some Mortadella from Fatted Calf since you put the thought in the back of my mind from the 4th :) Dee-licious!

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                        1. re: Curtis

                          I raise you one by continuing the celebration into today. Well-deserved since it was 103 degrees in Terra Linda (San Rafael) when I pulled up to the Three Twins ice cream shop this afternoon. Unbelievably, it was even hotter inside the shop. The pleasant young lady behind the counter deserves some kind of hazard pay for working under those conditions. Here's my photo of the storefront -


                          I tasted a couple flavors - rice milk mint confetti and dear rose. Assuming the rice milk one is vegan, it had a very fresh mint tone and good chocolate flecks. The texture reminded me of ice milk. The dear rose flavor was too subtle for me and a bit icy. Next up was blueberry which had the richer texture I wanted, and while the fruit intensity was not as strong as the Sebastopol Berry Farm product I had yesterday, it was still very satisfying. On the bottom of my small cone ($2.75), I had the milk coffee, which was my favorite of the four, showing a latte' like concentration. I liked the waffle cones here better than Fairfax Scoop's which tend to be a little tough sometimes. The cone here has more air bubbles for a cracklier crunch. One problem is that the cone is open on the bottom and drips.

                          This is a very nice addition to the Bay Area ice cream community.


                        2. Sketch - I had 1/2 raspberry granita, 1/2 peach ice cream & my husband had 1/2 watermelon granita, 1/2 charlene melon sorbet. All delicious, though I must say the peach was superb. Had a little chocolate covered toffee piece too, although kicking myself for not getting one of the mini lemon olive oil cake with blueberries for a morning treat today.

                          1. Joe's Ice Cream on Geary. I love that place!

                            1. Didn't nobody go to Mitchell's? That's my fave place, but haven't been there this year.

                              1. Made my own--a quart or so of blackberry: berries from Yerena Farm at Saturday's Ferry Building Market, pureed in a food mill, custard base proportions from Alice Waters' Raspberry Ice Cream recipe in the Chez Panisse Fruit book (but omitting the vanilla which I think gets in the way of the fruit flavor, Cuisinart ice cream maker.

                                1. Finally got to Mitchell's on Tuesday.
                                  Mexican Chocolate -- spot on, good cinnamon presence, but not quite as good as my version made only with Ybarra Mexican chocolate wheels and thick coconut milk, run through an ice cream freezer. Simple is beautiful.
                                  Ube (purple yam) -- surprisingly tame in flavor, am I missing something? Still, sitting next to the Mexican Chocolate in my cup, the color combination was truly stunning. Good color combo for a Victorian, throw in some cream and gold leaf. Still, the color of the ube was artificial, I am sure.
                                  Nevertheless, Mitchell's rocks.