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National Ice Cream Day - Where To Go?

Darling Chows -

Happy National Ice Cream day. I have such a mad, ferocious craving for a fierce + delicious cone - where should I go?

I'm a regular at Mashti's, so I'd like to branch out. Hollywood is the 'hood, but I'll travel, yo - it's a HOLIDAY.
Oh, and I'm open to flavors - so throw in the must-have at your locale, please!

Yay! Thank ye!


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  1. fosselmans,

    Fosselman's Ice Cream Co
    29 reviews
    1824 W Main St
    Alhambra, CA 91801
    (626) 282-6533

    theres a new place called scoopa in sort of north korea town. its a random little commercial pocket.

    from gayot:
    Summer Scoop
    Tai Kim, who attended Western Culinary Institute and CalArts, runs Scoops near LA City College, offering a rotating palate of house-made gelato and sorbet that reflects his artistic background. Mr. Kim’s latest seasonal flavors include kiwi banana; vanilla, nutmeg and amaretto; orange mamey; and vegan saffron mango. There’s even a dry-erase board on which guests can suggest flavors. Open noon-9 p.m., Monday-Saturday. Scoops, 712 N. Heliotrope Dr., Los Angeles, 323-906-2649.

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      2nd fosselman's! there are lots of uncommon flavors since it's located in asian community: green tea, red bean, taro, ube, lychee

      check out the full list of flavors here


    2. Scoops is great. The flavors change every day and the owner is highly creative. Proud of his flavors, he will let you try anything. The flavors I've enjoyed the most have been Dill Cheesecake (?!?), Zablione and Brown Bread, but there is not guarantee they will have any of those when you go. It's a fun place.

      1. Fosselman's and Scoops are exactly the non-Mashti ice cream shops I'd recommend.

        1. yesterday was my birthday...I can't believe I didn't know it coincided with national ice cream day!! I'm going to Scoops this afternoon!!

          1. Fosselmann's is the best.

            1. I went to Scoops last night after reading about it in this thread. I really enjoyed it. He gave me all the samples I wanted so I tried a chocolate with marshmallow something or other, cucumber with mint, green tea with sweet potato and sunflower seed with coffee. I ended buying two scoops: one of pistachio and one of the sunflower seed with coffee.

              The pistachio was great and super clean and fresh tasting, where the sunflower seed with coffee was really interesting -- you first tasted a deep, nutty flavor unlike any I'd ever tasted before and then the coffee flavor would come through in the finish a few seconds later. It also had bits of something in it (some sort of candies it seemed). This was only $2. I'll definitely be back. (Although I'll learn where to park and avoid the $40 parking ticket I got in the few minutes I was inside.)

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                Yeah I had the coffee and sunflower seed and was like "wow!"
                The sunflower seeds are just candy-coated sunflower seeds, Tai told me they sell them at Trader Joe's. He just thought it would be interesting, it sure was.

                As for parking, I hope you remember to feed the meters. Or at least go there after 6pm so you don't have to pay. He's open until 9ish anyway so there's no rush really. You do have to compete for parking with the LACC students though.

                I live in the neighborhood so I don't have to worry about that stuff :)

                1. re: Itslikeimsayin

                  It's $2 and you get refills for $1 after that so you could conceivably get 6 scoops of ice cream for $4.

                  1. re: Itslikeimsayin

                    where is Scoops? I must find this place...I am so confused, I went looking for it the other night and couldn't find it, as well as that gelato place in silverlake, aaarggh, I got so frustrated I went home and ended up with no ice cream for the night. What is it near? Where is this place? Let me know so I can see what all the buzz is about ;)~

                    1. re: love2chow

                      Here's a map.
                      As noted below, it is a few blocks East of the Melrose exit of the 101 and half a block North on Heliotrope. It's next to the Bike Kitchen.

                  2. Scoops is at Heliotrope and Melrose, just a few blocks north of the 101.