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Jul 16, 2006 05:16 PM

Mail order source for green walnuts [moved from San Francisco board]

I received ten pounds from Jim Haag at


and they're now soaking in 4.5 liters of 100-proof Smirnoff 57. (The liquid will be decanted July 28, flavored, and left to steep another 3 weeks before bottling.) I'd hurry--he may already have sold all of this year's crop.

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  1. We also got ours from Jim Haag and have them soaking in 151-proof Everclear. His website doesn't mention being out of them yet. Was the surly vendor at Alemany?

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      I called Jim re; availability, but he said it was too late, the meat had already begun to harden and that it would be like making Nocino with rocks. Damn! But, he was so nice and offered to email me next year when they're ready, so it was great info to get, thanks rootlesscosmo!
      The surly vendor was at the Alemany market. I've dealt with him and his wife a lot before, sometimes they've been a little borderline rude, but this season he's been downright terrible. No clue as to why, it's a shame though, especially since he sets an example for the young people working for him and they follow suit. Maybe it's the life of a farmer getting him down.
      He did however try to lead me astray re; the green walnuts, saying they would work for Nocino, and I know he knows better.

    2. hmmm, after quite the comedy of errors, I managed to get some green walnuts from my local walnut farmer. The shells had started to form so the walnuts were a bit older than I usually use for making my nocino but nothing that my trusty cleaver couldn't handle. They are also soaking in the everclear for the next zillion days.

      But I am very intrigued by the description of the walnut leaves on the same website. It seays you can make a brew with the leaves as well. I've done a fortified walnut wine with walnuts before but not with leaves. Has anyone tried the leaves?

      Guess its a good thing I saved my walnut farmer's cell phone number!!!!!

      1. The original comment has been removed