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Jul 16, 2006 05:15 PM

Legal's Summer Lobster Specials

Went to Legal last night for a bite at the bar (Framingham).They have a special menu of lobster dishes/ All looked delicious. A few appetizers and main courses. I had the lobster fritters- YUM. They were big round deep fried balls of dough full of lobster, corn and red pepper. They were very hot, crispy and served with a nice sauce. Reminded me of my childhood eating clamcakes near Horseneck Beach-depp fried hot balls of dough stuffed with clams.

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  1. I had the fritters at the Harvard Square location. They were raw inside, ick. Nice idea though.

    I know folks have complained of Legal's mediocrity forever, but until our last visit we thought it was an ok dining experience. Pretty good food, good service. Well the service stayed ok, but I think the food has gone way downhill recently. Sort of like they've recently switched to the lower-quality Sysco food quality level. Everything tasted processed and/or pre-packaged. And I mean everything: apps, entree, dessert.

    It's too bad, really.

    1. Maybe this proves that there is a difference between the various locations. Although the place was hopping, very crowded on Saturday the food and service were great at the Framingham location. THe inside of my fritters was perfectly cooked. so- different locations, different cooks I guess.