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Jul 16, 2006 05:00 PM

No. Westchester farmer's markets

any suggestions for farmer's markets in the no. westchester area would be greatly appreciated. does anyone know if stuart's is still viable?

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  1. Ossining is the biggie.

    After some shaky years, Pleasantville is small but solid now, offering some of everything.

    don't know about Mt. Kisco, Peekskill... Anyone?

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    1. re: spa

      I've been very disappointed in Ossining so far this year. Many of my favorite vendors from years past are no longer there--Bobolink (fabulous artisinal cheese), no more fresh flowers/plants, the honey guy, and others. I have been three times now, and was surprised at how much smaller and uninteresting the market has been.

      1. re: Marge

        Bobolink is at Pleasantville every week this year! And there are lovely flowers, too. Also really good pickles!

        But no honey, I'm afraid.

      2. re: spa

        Mt Kisco is still happening, but very small -- only a couple of tables (vegetables, jams, etc, no cheeses, meats, flowers).

        I'm also curious about the friday market at Stone Barns. Anyone?

      3. This might be too far South, but I enjoy the White Plains Farmer's Market if you can get there on Wednesday. I wrote up one of my visits in my column:

        1. Friends who live in Putnam Valley say Peeksill is quite good. Amish farmers have great produce. We have access to Ossining, so that's where we go. I agree - I think the pickings there this year are slimmer than in the past. I miss the smoked trout lady a lot.

          Nancy C

          1. The Amish stuff in Peekskill is OK but I don't really think that their produce is home grown -- I had heard this from someone and if you look at what they are selling (and the boxes), it makes sense. They do have pies that appear to be authentic. There are a couple of other fruit/veggie vendors that I think are mildly overpriced. One place usually has nice potatoes (blue, fingerlings) and I have finally gotten used to having to pay $2 a pound for them :-(. There are a few people with interesting baked/cookied stuff.

            White Plains is far superior to all of them. Too bad they moved it so you have to pay for parking now (or at least did when I was there last year).