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Jul 16, 2006 04:57 PM

Staying at the Westin Paris- 4 nights Mid August...need chow :)

The Westin is located at 3 rue de Castiglione...I know it is near
the Tuilleries Garden but thats about all. Would like suggestions for all meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks etc.

probably one night expensive dinner, the rest bistros with some local atmosphere...

any suggestions in Monmartre also?


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  1. I wrote an earlier post on Paris in August. The link is below. Your hotel is so centrally located that you will be able to walk to most tourists sight, etc, so don't limit yourself just to the 1st arr. And the Metro is so easy. I think you had an earlier post regarding to restaurants are opened in August where another poster, Faijay, recommendated Chez Denis. I would second that and I think it is opened the last two weeks of August. Check and reserve if it is because they serve some of the best tradtional bistro food in Paris, plus the atmosphere is so lively and congenial. I believe her other recommendations, Ardoise and Carre des Feuillants are closed in August. For Montmartre during the day, I would probably just stroll and find what looks good. Stay away from most of the places near Sacre-Coeur. Have a wonderful trip.

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      Thanks prior post was when I had not booked hotel.

      You have been most helpful and I appreciate it. I am glad I found this site and people like you.

    2. Two places I'd recommend on Rue Mont Thabor:

      *L'Ardoise, at number 28 (traditional French bistrot)
      *Le Soufflé, at number 36 (mainly soufflés). However, I like La Cigale Récamier (7th arr. near Le Bon Marché) better.

      Both are likely to be closed 2-3 weeks in August though. Reservations are highly recommended.

      Also, once here, check the numerous bistrots and cafés on Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, not far either.

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        Thank you...all recommendations are helpful.