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Where to buy boquerones?

Does anyone know where I can buy boquerones?

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    1. I mean, what store sells them so that I may use them in my own cooking?

      1. I have seen them at the Spanish Table in Berkeley, the last time during Lent.

        twocents (formerly ericf)

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          Yeah, I've seen them at Spanish Table too. What part of the Bay Area is convenient to you? There is also a Spanish Table in Marin as well as Berkeley. I'm assuming you are looking for the canned version.


        2. For fresh anchovies in SF, you might try the Ferry Plaza Market: San Francisco Fish Company and Ferry Plaza Seafood or the outside stand, Fresh Fish. Also maybe the Seafood Center on Clement. I've seen them sporadically at the fish markets on Stockton St. in Chinatown.

          1. The best place by far for Boquerones is Berkeley Bowl. They are in the refrigerator across from the fish counter. It is an Italian brand, the name of which escapes me. They are far cheaper than anywhere else. They are packed flat, two layers, in white plastic trays with clear plastic covering.

            1. lucca's on valencia-about $7 for a tray

              1. thanks, that's perfect! (Luca) I couldn't remember if they had them or not-I live in the Mission so that's the best bet...

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                1. Bi Rite also has them in the refrigerated section, as does Whole Foods.

                  I suspect they're all the same provider (including Berkeley Bowl), because while the fish is decent quality, I don't like the marinade for any of them. The price seems to be the same too, about $6 for a small container.

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                    I think the brand you're thinking of is Dinon, some of which I picked up at Berkeley Bowl once in a white tray for around $6. Unfortunately I too disliked the marinade. The best I've had around were at Dean & DeLuca, but the price per pound is astronimical.

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                      I've had the Dinon ones too (which I think are the ones Whole Foods sells), but the others I'm referring to are hand-packed plastic containers with lids. But maybe just repackaged?

                  2. Rockridge Market Hall has them -- not packaged in trays. I think they're fantastic... I'd be interested in knowing if they are the same supplier as Berkeley Bowl.

                    1. I've never seen boquerones at the Ferry Plaza--not at either fish place--but if someone tells me when they're there, I'll jump all over that.

                      Whole Foods on Franklin & California sells them in their cheese section, and they're delicious.

                      1. Ratto's in Old Oakland also carries the trays of boquerones. They are very, very good.

                        Ratto's is open every day but Sunday.

                        1. This still seems to be one of those items you have to go to a restaurant to get really good ones. (Kinda like sashimi)

                          B44 has them as very nice appetizers.