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ISO best bubble tea in Flushing

Before Sago came along, Ten Ren had the best bubble tea in Flushing IMHO though the quality of their bubbles was inconsistent. Then I tried Sago and found their bubbles quite good, almost as good or sometimes even better than Ten Ren's at its best and Sago's bubbles were always fresh. The flavor and quality of tea at Sago was always better and Sago was pretty consistent. I was a convert ever since I tried Sago's bubble tea and didn't mind the higher price.

However, since Sago changed hands (which I assume because of the Korean couple at the register/take-out window) more than a year ago the size of bubbles had reduced to "regular". It's no longer the "boba", giant size bubbles that the tea was named after. The quality of the bubbles was still good but it lost some of that chewiness because of the smaller size bubbles. It definately took the fun out of it. It is just not as good and I lost interest in Sago's bubble tea and haven't had a bubble tea since. Looking for bubble tea of former Sago quality in Flushing. Any recommendation? Or do I have to resolve back to Ten Ren's bubble tea again? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm a fan of the small place on Kissena south of the library, west side of the street. It's the most taiwan-like of all the places i've seen, and the tea usually has just the right amount of sweetness. Also, there's a discount for students.

    1. On Roosevelt,in the Taco Bell store - there is a boba tea place.
      Its all the way in, a little teeny spot on the right side.

      Its owned by a former long term employee of Ten Rea. She uses
      high quality tea and makes great boba - my friend, a boba tea fiend, swears by it.

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        Ooh, sounds like a "hidden gem"-type place! I will only go to Ten Ren in Flushing for bubble tea, so I'm looking forward to trying this one. Thanks for the tip :)

      2. The place on Kissean is called "QUICKLY"...it is the only place my 13 year old daughter and her friends will go for bubble tea, they are quite good...large selection of flavors.

        1. I have tried Quickly couple times when they first opened but wasn't too impressed. The quality of bable and tea weren't too consistent. Perhaps they have improved. Will give it a try. Any particular flavor they do well?

          Have no idea there's a bubble tea stand inside of Taco bell. Definately give it a try.


          1. I will have to ask my daughter about the "good" flavors...

            1. hey everyone this is his daughter.
              i actually like TenRens but if anyone could give me the address or tell me the stores that surround the TenRens in flushing let me know please. cause i've actually only been there in chinatown and i'd like to find the one in flushing.
              i think i've had the once in tacobell/kfc before with my friends but i dont think i liked it too much and im not too fond of sago either. i guess i have different taste than the rest of you.
              also one of my good friends said that across the street from the library about 2 stores down from the supermarket theres a chinese bakery which i havetn tried yet but from what shes told me its very good she said the bubbles are very squishy and bubbly which i know is how many people like it.
              personally then place where my friends and I always go is Quickly. we all like it there but the first few times i went every so often i'd find a couple of fozen overcold bubbles which were soft and brown and werent that great..
              other than that i've always loved the place. if you birng a student i-D or student metro card yu'll get it for $2.00
              also you'll probably recieve whil paying a quickly ViP card they stamp everytime you buy one and on your 5th drink you get one free!

              as for good flavors there on the VIP card the hav a list of there best sellers as well as the menu itself
              me and myfriends usually get a passionfriut slush with tapioca.
              the have many different slush flavors and by the sound of them yu can mainley tell whats good. strawberry and mangu are 2 of the bestselling slushes for them which i happen to like too.
              it all depends on what type of bubble tea you like or what your in the mood for. if yu like milky drinks or fruity ones.
              another good one their coffee milk tea its half milk tea and half coffee and you can actually taste both in it its pretty good.
              the slushes at quickly are crushed ice not blended like smoothies. lately i've been feeling like having smoothies like the passionfriut smoothie at ten rens but i dont know where it is in flushing.
              so if anyone could halp me out i've appreciate it

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                The Ten Ren in Flushing is on Roosevelt, about half a block down from the subway stop (walk in the opposite direction from the Old Navy). It's right next to Fay Da bakery.

                chrismkwok posted earlier (in this thread) about the tea place inside of Taco Bell/KFC - apparently it's owned by an ex-employee of Ten Ren. It does seem that way - my bubble tea was prepared the same exact way they do it at Ten Ren. I didn't really notice any difference in quality or quantity.

              2. I used to go to a bakery on Roosevelt that also served some bubble tea. Their selection wasn't extensive, but the tapioca balls were white and a bit sweet and I loved them. Maybe one of you knows what the name of the place is.

                1. I go to Sago a lot just because you can sit down and it is convenient and my friend likes it. We also go to Quickly. There is also a place inside the Flushing Mall that is not too bad.

                  1. i think the place in flushing mall yur thinking of is kinda like quickly the have the method of closing the tops with the mahcine

                    1. the bakery on roosavelt yur thinking of is Fay Da i think a chinese bakery

                      1. well today i (the daughter) found Ten Ren on roosavelt today but didnt buy anything. it wasnt a very extensive collectiona nd was definatley not as good as the one in chinatown which i much prefer
                        so instead i went to Fay Da next door and i really liked their bubbles. they were small but very chewy and soft i liked it there
                        except there smoothies melt quick and the water sperates quickly from the rest it tasted more like the slushes at quickly

                        1. I hesitantly went into Taco Bell yesterday and found the bubble tea stand on the right hand side. Only saw a young man tending the stand but no sight of the former Ten Ren lady employee. I ordered a star fruit flvored green tea with bubbles. I specifically requested the tea made not too bitter or too sweet. That was the problem I had with Ten Ren's tea which was usually made so strong extra syrup had to be added to mask the bitterness of the tea making the tea overly sweetened. The young man obliged and the tea was almost just right. Wish the tea had a little more star fruit flavor but it was better than Ten Ren's. As far as the bubbles go it was pretty much the same quality as Ten Ren's. Overall it's an enjoyable bubble tea and I will be back to try more flavors. The price is also reasonable--$3.50 for large and $2.50 for samll. They also have Taiwanese shaved ice which we will try in the near future.