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Jul 16, 2006 02:40 PM

Barrier Free Dining

I'm trying to locate wheelchair accessible restaurants downtown. Anywhere from Bloor to Queens Quay, Yonge to Parliament. Many places say they are, but when you get there the washrooms are on another floor or there's a small step into the place. I'd like to take my friend out without her needing to worry about her dignity. We're open to any type of food, breakfast, brunch, dinner places whatever as long as the place is clean & nice. Can you guys help?

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  1. Ginger at Church & Wellesley has decent food, a good atmosphere, and is barrier-free. I double-checked this on the NOW website, as their restaurant reviews specificy accessibility to the restaurant and its washrooms.

    1. There is an Accessible Dining Guide for Toronto produced by the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto available for $5. It compiles information gathered by consumers - but I can't guarantee the restaurants chosen are quality!
      The web address is

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. I should mention Daio Japanese on Carlton and Peartree on Parliament are accessible.

        I think it's unfortunate that they charge $5 to get information that should be free & considered a basic human right. I'll check the NOW listings before I spring for it.

        Quality isn't the entire issue, just a way to go out and have fun without a cloud of worry. Thanks again for your help. TorontoLife should get their act together and provide accurate info for free.

        1. Daio Japanese is very accessible. [ 45 carlton st ]
          one floor restaurant, bathrooms are just at the back.

          theres more than enough room.


          1. I did mention Daio, but I guess I should add that the food's pretty good as is the service. Nice, intimate tables. Very suprising for a near Yonge St sushi joint. More surprising to have a 'no compromise' accessible place. If you know of more like it please add on. I'll do the same.