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Jul 16, 2006 02:39 PM

ZenChi - hey, 2006 is half over

Every day I drive by this place in at Moorpark and Bakman, the one with the clever and honest sign stating they'd be opening in '05, which is then crossed out, and says "Ok.....'06"

It's looking like it's really ready to open. But I'm going to get a huge laugh when it says "No, really, '07"

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  1. It will be '06 Muhlyssa, honestly, or so Antoine said when I talked to him a month or so ago. Definitely will not remind you of any Studio BBQ!!!

    1. I knew you'd have the scoop, Carter. Looking forward to checking it out. Studio BBQ, now that was place terrifying.

      1. It could not POSSIBLY be worse than Studio BBQ. I'm looking forward to it myself -- my wife's office is nearby and it'll provide a nice relaxing Friday place.