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Help identify a Union Sq greenmarket stand?

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This is what I get for never paying attention to signs or names! I got some good fruit from them yesterday, which proved to be even better than I expected when I started using it and I want more. But getting to Union Sq tomorrow will be a hassle so I want to try to find out if they'll be there, first.

They're a small stand on the NW side of the park, more or less in front of the subway entrance, next to/north of a "micro greens" purveyor IIRC. They always have apples of some sort, among whatever else they have in season, and sell cold cider by the glass from one of those glass-topped agitator-dispensers. Anyone know who they are, and more importantly whether they're there on Mondays? Thanks!

(I did try to check the CENYC site for a map or vendor list, but the useful greenmarket pages seem to have gone missing....)

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  1. most probably Red Jacket orchards
    the same farmers are there on the same days weekly and in the same places on those particular days meaning if you go back next week on the same day that particular stand will be in the same place

      1. Thanks - I know I've accessed those pages before but couldn't bring them up this time from the home page and the Google hits I got (with a different internal site address) were coming up dead. That schedule doesn't list the individual vendors anyway, but I like it as a reminder about the markets I don't usually go to.

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          I just checked out the cenyc site, and was able to access a list of some of the venders under the "Greenmarket" tab, the second from the last option is Greenmarket Producer Links.


          Good luck with the search!

        2. Thanks for the name, I used it to find their website. I knew they're there on Saturday and Wednesday, but feared they might not be tomorrow. But assuming the 2003 schedule posted on their site still holds, they're there all four days.

            1. Very strange - I still can't get the pages from the CENYC site. But anyway.

              I don't think it's Breezy Hill, I don't recall ever seeing baked goods at this place - certainly not regularly. It's a smaller, crowded canopy - several long tables covered with boxes of apples (always) and smaller amounts of other fruits, seasonally. Right now the "other" are cherries and early plums.

              1. Then it probably is Red Jacket

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                      It is almost certainly Breezy Hill. They are close to (& north of) the micro-greens stand, Windfall farms. Red Jacket is usually further south, and on the street-side of the market. Breezy Hill does not sell baked goods, I don't think, just fruits and juices. Don't know if they are there on Mondays though.

                    2. Yeah, turns out you and the other poster who mentioned Breezy Hill were and are correct. (I rarely go to the market during the week so I got confused when I went on Monday - most of the vendors seemed to be in different places than on the weekend.)

                      They do have baked goods, but the stand is arranged so that it looked to me like they were separate vendors - one with the baked stuff and another with the fruit. But when I paid attention, I realized they were the same people.