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Jul 16, 2006 12:57 PM

utimate ice cream in asheville, nc

had some very good ice cream last night. ultimate ice cream, located behind pomodoro's on tunnel road, served up the best butter pecan i've ever had. buttery with big pieces of pecans, delicious. the waffle cone was excellent, too. very crispy and fresh tasting; reminded me of homemade pizzelles.

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  1. Try the ginger ice cream. It's absolutely amazing. This place is fantastic - probably due to the very high butter fat content and the freshest ingredients.

    1. Used to love the ginger ice cream at Sweet Heaven in Montford but they closed 4-6 mos ago - family problems? Too bad, key location at top of Montford Ave and right across from new Visitor's Ctr.

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        Thanks for the heads up. I didn't even know they closed. I mostly stopped going there after I discovered Ultimate. I LOVE that stuff...the caramel is the best flavor I've had there.

      2. Thanks for the rec Mark. I just got back from there and you're right, great stuff!! I was already nearby at the WNC Nature Center and figured I give it a shot with my little girl. She loved it too.

        1. just a follow up to the original post. we also had some great after-the-fact customer service from the owner. during our visit there, the counter girl accidently tacked a zero onto the end of our charge before she ran it through. just as she realized it, their machine conked out, and they weren't able to tell if it had gone through. they reran the card for the correct amount, and the owner said he would check with the bank on monday to make sure the first charge didn't get posted. 6 weeks later my wife was balancing the checkbook and saw both charges on the statement, and no credit to balance it out. she called the owner, and he immediately credited us even though from his end it looked like we hadn't been charged. he took all the responsibility for straightening it out with the bank. awesome service and very much appreciated.