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Jul 16, 2006 12:51 PM

Diners Club Restaurant Savings Program.. what happened?!

Does anyone know what happened to the restaurant savings club from Diner's Club? It was great - it offered a % savings (usually 8-20%) off of your total bill if you went to a restaurant in the program. It was great, it was a pretty vast list of restaurants and they took the $ off on your monthly statement, so no embarassing cupons were needed. Anyway, I just went onto the Diner's Club website and it looks like this program was discontinued as of 7/12. I never received any notification of this... I'm really annoyed, this program was the only reason I put up with their $75 annual fee! Even more annoying is that I hosted a big party on Saturday night at one of the participating restaurants and I chose this particular restaurant to get an extra 20% off the pretty big bill. Since the dinner was after the program closed... I guess I will not get the discount.

Does anyone know what happened here? Why was the program closed? Will it be replaced with something else?

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  1. This article has nothing to do with the restaurant program, but it does go into detail on how Diner's Club is being radically changed.