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Jul 16, 2006 11:21 AM

Summerlicious Reviews: Tutti Matti & Pangaea

Tutti Matti

Food: B+
Service: B+
Experience: A

We started with Insalata del Matti which wonderfully tastey. For mains, the Talapia al Cartoccio, Braciola di Maiale alla Griglia were excellent as were the desserts, Chocolate Mousse, and Summer Fruit Crumble. The place is very friendly and waiters cordial. This place definitely won us over and we will be back for a regular meal.


Food: D
Service: D-
Experience: D-

Dreadful. We had to wait 15 minutes before anyone noticed us at the table. When then had an interminable wait after we ordered. The food was virtually tossed in front of us, the waiter unsure about who got what. They waiters never filled out empty water glasses or inquired about how the meal was. To top it off, my sirloin strip was cold. As for the food – downright poor. We started with Octopus Salad, which was so-so but too oily. The Caramelized New York Strip was blah. I didn’t both sending it back to be heated because it probably wouldn’t have improved it much. Wild Shrimp Risotto was gritty and had none of creaminess of a proper risotto. For dessert, the Fresh Raspberry Mousse was a tiny portion of insipid ooze. The Chocolate Cake was Sara Lee level. It was by far the worst ‘Licious meal I’ve had and one of the worst ever in that level of restaurant.

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  1. Ate at Pangaea a few years ago and wondered why it was such a hot spot. The Summerlicious experience was poorly executed. Food was cold.

    Have not been back since.

    1. I wonder if the restaurants come here to read their reviews. 'Coz Pangaea really should...!

      I enjoyed Tutti Matti last year. Seems that they're doing pretty good! I remember being late for the reservation, yet they said that was okay. There was a table waiting for us while we arrived.. that's not bad at all! Service, like wordsworth said, was excellent. You definitely feel homey while there.

      1. I go to Pangaea once or twice a year & have never had a bad experience. I have always had great food & service. However, I have never gone for Summerlicious there or anywhere else. When I look at the -Licious menus it never seems as though restaurants are truly offering their best. Looks more like a way to scam tourists rather than increase business with the locals. Not an excuse for what happened to you, Wordsworth, by any means. Just an observation. I'd be happy if the City of Toronto dropped the 'licious thing altogether.

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        1. re: Googs

          Must disagree with dropping Summerlicious program as it isn't up to the City of Toronto to regulate quality control at participating restaurants. I'd like to think that participants enter into it on the belief that this promotes their businesses and gives them an opportunity to raise their profile.

          If they're in business to serve customers, then they should be concerned about the kind of feedback they get and whether patrons will return again. We need more tourism in Toronto--festivals and programs like this are necessary.

          Having said that, there are many other restaurants that flourish during the Summerlicious program. Perhaps restauranteurs should look at limiting the number of 'licious reservations taken so that they don't overwhelm their kitchen and serving staff?

        2. Well I'd rather it worked than didn't. My business requires tourism to a degree as so many do. Perhaps those that are passionate about the 'licious series should write the City with suggestions for improvement.

          1. Went to Pangaea, and found the portions a little small, but I still thought it was tasty, and worth every penny for $20..
            Octopus salad was small, but tender, and with a nice vinegrette which wasn't too oily.
            Pork was a little dry, and not what I expected but still good.
            The mousse was small, but I guess on a really hot day my appetite wasn't that large, and I still thought it was delicious, and I'd eat it over any other mousse I've had.