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Jul 16, 2006 09:29 AM

Simac Pastamatic pasta makers, are they worth the $$$$, not wanting the messy trad. type of maker

Has anyone got an feedback or experience using the simac auto pasta maker ? It's quite expensive in Australia $300 Aussie dollars...apparently you just stick in all the ingrediants and it mixes and then you select the pasta shape ?/
any thoughts ?? I love homemade pasta, but don't want the mess of the tradional mixing the dough from scratch etc ???

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  1. I hate pasta making machines....(except for the attachment that goes onto a kitchen aid mixer). The pasta seems rubbery to me.

    When I don't feel like mixing by hand...I use my dough blade in my cuisinart food processor. Works great! I use the hand cranker to stretch, flatten, and cut it. I really want the kitchen aid attachment for days that I really don't have much time.

    I get a certain satisfaction from making my own dough...I love seeing it hanging out to dry. I know my mother is watching from somewhere with a smile on her face.

    1. Go for an Atlas hand cranked (from Italy) about $40.00 US, you can add a motor for about $60.00 US, but you don't need that unless you make a lot of pasta.

      Make the dough in a food processor if you have one, if you don't spend the money for that instead of the Simac, really!

      Pizza dough is great mixed in the food processor too, takes like a minute or two .