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Jul 16, 2006 07:12 AM

Southeast Asian Fruits?

I'm looking for a good fruit store that has an extensive Southeast Asian fruit selection (i.e. custard apples, dragonfruit, mangosteens, longan, starfruit, different mango varieties, rambutan, etc.) Doesn't matter where in the Bay Area it is.


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  1. Obvious places to get durian, mango (mostly from Mexico I think) and longan are 99 Ranch and other chinese/taiwanese markets around the Bay Area. Berkeley Bowl also has a good selection. I might even have seen custard apples when they are in season in the country of origin. Mangosteens, for some reason, are banned in the US! Rambutans are somewhat seasonal and to my taste, really bad and not worth the money. I expect them to be cling-free, slightly crunchy with some give and zero tartness. The irony of it all is that most of these so-called South east asian fruits are probably not coming in from their native countries. I suspect they would not survive the journey or perhaps shipping is too prohibitive. Does anyone know what the story is? I've seen durians at Berkeley go for $20 or 30 apiece and they are not even that good. You can generally get a decent-sized durian in most markets in Malaysia or Singapore for about $1 or $2. I really miss my favorite Malaysian fruits! Unfortunately, they were not in season when I was there early June so I had to contend with Thai imports. Not great and a little pricey but better than nothing.

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      This will get you started ...

      About local durian

      Phan farms who sells at the Berkeley and Civic Center farmers markets has some VERY tasty locally-grown dragonfruit when it is in-season.

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        I bought a dragon fruit in Maui last year and it cost me $10 for one fruit. The one in Maui had dark red fruit inside, the ones I've tried in Asia are white fruit. The dark red fruit has more flavor than the white flesh kind. It taste like a very mild kiwi and watermelon.

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        Saw fresh looking longans at the new Manila Oriental Market in the outer Mission. Fresh looking, but previously frozen.