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Jul 16, 2006 04:57 AM

Casa Bonita in Denver, still awesome?


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  1. I worked there in high school + a few summers in college. Despite it being a tourist trap, I had a blast there. In the summers they have about 3,000 workers and 3/4 are female (that might have shaped my views).

    That said, you don't go for the food. There are much better choices for Mex in Denver. Seek them if you can. CB caters to the mass market. Families (kids), tour buses of seniors from Tulsa, etc. They might have liked to make more authentic, saucy food, but the bulk of the visitors would not have been able to handle it. The number of people that come through the place in the summer is amazing. We're talking tens of thousands. In one day! If I recall, it seats 1,200 to begin with, and it opens at 10 or 11 and refills those seats over and over.

    From what I recall, the food was blah. It's all fresh, but simply dumbed down. For example, they'll roll thousands of enchiladas in the morning, but the fillings and cheeses are mellow. The tour bus crowd can't handle rich seasonings, spiced meats, bold cheeses, etc.

    I don't remember anything frozen or microwaved. The Sopapillas, for example, were made from scratch in front of everyone. One gal I knew got lazy and burned her arm in front of many watchers.

    After working there for a while, you get free meals, so I made my own. Fajitas were my choice. The "Supreme" all you can eat deal is probably the best. The initial meal is blah, but you can ask the server to change things. Ask your server to build a killer taco or a burrito with fire.

    They can do it. CB has the every choice food in the house, you just have to get them them to form it.

    1. Wohoo! The food now is 100% better, and that being said - you still only go for the show. Many in our party got sick, beware what you eat. TONS of processed yick; million-year shelflife yuk - but dang it's a fun place to go for the kids! Look at the menu online before you go. Have fun & maybe we'll see you there!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Wow, I expected to get laughed at for my bad taste. But no. Instead we get
          a behind-the-scenes report and suggestions for how to get a killer taco.

          I understand the food situation. I'm going for the I'm-eating-in-a-restaurant-while-
          a-man-in-a-gorilla-suit-climbs-a-fake-palm-tree experience. But still, the sopapillas
          are pretty great. Is there anywhere else in Denver to get them?