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Jul 16, 2006 04:49 AM

Manhattan Restaurant Advice

Looking to celebrate a birthday at a kosher restaurant that we haven't been to before. We have eaten at quite a few of the upscale kosher restaurants in Manhattan, and are considering either Solo, or Park East Grill, which are about the only ones we haven't yet tried. We'd appreciate some detailed recent feedback on these, to help us make our decision.
We would like to try someplace that is new to us, but if the reports aren't too positive on either of these choices, we might return to one that we've been to before. Maybe Tevere 84, or Mike's Bistro, or Abigael's (for which we have a birthday discount).

Any input would really be appreciated.
Thanks so much!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I liked Solo better than PE. It's much more creative cuisine and I like the modern, bright interior decoration. PE is still a fine choice, but I think Solo is a clear notch above.

      1. Two of my favorites are My Most Favorite Dessert Company and The Prime Grill. I think MMFDC has the best pareve desserts in the city.

        1. Isn't MMFDC milchig? They have a separate pareve kitchen/oven?

          IMO, MMFDC doesn't belong in the "upscale" conversation.

          1. For a nice meal, I recommend Galil on the Upper East Side at night- very Moroccan atmosphere and not too expensive. There is also an Italian place called VaBene, for upscale Italian food, that is quite good- if you eat at VaBene, you can have a milchig cake, which is far better than a parve cake.