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Jul 16, 2006 04:37 AM

De Colores, Los Alamos, NM

De Colores has been in busines for 25+ years, so they're obviously doing something right. I'd last eaten there about 5 years ago, when they were downtown. Just OK then.

They've moved to much larger, handsome new digs at the old Main Gate, east of the airport, just as you enter LA on the Santa Fe highway. Spectacular views of the mesas, valley and Sangres. Place was crowded on a weekday night, and for good reason: good food, fast, cheerful service and reasonable prices.

I had a stuffed (with chicken) sopaipilla, good chicken but overall a little bland. Fine beans and an excellent, light-as-air (plain) sopaipilla. Wife had a beef and mushroom burro (a special) -- I snagged a bite and it was tasty, if a bit spicy for my taste.

LA has never been a culinary hotspot, but De Colores is a good bet for solid New Mexican food.

Happy eating--
Pete Tillman

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  1. Thanks Pete for your review on De Colores. Now that I have moved from Eldorado to Abiquiu, we are trying out new and different places. We did drive up to Los Alamos the other day...WOW! What a differance the government can make! It doesn't even feel like New Mexico! We drove around hoping to find someplace that looked appealing, really not much up there. We ended up eating at a Sushi restaurant that was just so, so. Noticed De Colores on the way back to Abiquiu. Maybe for whatever reason we need to go up to Los Alamos again, not sure for what! We will try out De Colores! Thanks Pete- Jeff

    1. Well, I read your review, so my kids and I stopped there while on a day jaunt to LA. One thing that surprised me is that the prices are ridiculous...felt like I was on the Plaza in Santa Fe. It was $10.95 for two vegetarian tostadas...this is about 1.50 worth of ingredients, maybe. I'll pay that at the Coyote Cafe, but not at a run down restaurant that is deserted (we went at lunchtime). Not very many kid-friendly choices on the menu as well. We ended up eating the chips and salsa while looking at the menu, then paying $2 for those and leaving. Next time I'll remember to look at the menu before sitting down! We went down the highway to the gas station and my kids had pancakes at the dive restaurant there, Totapi Cafe, and were very happy!

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        I wish we had done the same. We spent the morning hiking at Bandelier, then wanted to go to Los Alamos. We stopped at De Colores for lunch. It was a wasted dining opportunity. The food wasn't bad...just bland and nothing special. I don't know what else LA has to offer, but I wouldn't recommend stopping here.