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Jul 16, 2006 04:26 AM

How do you eat ice cream?

I've had a few conversations recently about how people eat ice cream.

My sister likes to turn her spoon upside down in her mouth so the ice cream lands right on her tongue, rather than the cold spoon which "freezes" her taste buds and impedes her ablility to taste the ice cream.

Her best friend likes to eat ice cream with a plastic spoon, and keeps them in her cupboard at home specifically for that purpose.

I didn't notice it until they pointed it out to me, but I eat ice cream "sideways" by turning the spoon on the side, and pulling it into my mouth with my upper lip. It looks kinda funny, but it's how I've always done it, I guess. I just never noticed. Ususally, I prefer ice cream on a cake cone when I get it at a shop, so no spoon needed!

Anyone else have a special way or preference for eating ice cream?

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  1. time to bare the soul. first of all i believe that the flavor of ice cream right out of the freezer is not as good as slightly melted. i eat ice cream as it reaches a specific melting point in the bowl.

    my freezer is set at -5 degrees which creates a challenge in the scoopig process. once the scoops are in the bowl i need to wait a few minutes until it reaches that certain melted point on the top of the bowl. then i scrape the perfect part with a spoon and use the upper lip to take it it batches off the spoon. now that there is no longer any perfect consistency on the top of the bowl i "flip" the ice cream (like a fried egg) over in the bowl and scrape the new top that has been melted from the old bottom. this continues over and over. it's a good 15 minute exercise.

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      I do something like this too. When it's frozen hard ice cream doesn't have as much flavor as when it's a little warmer. I like mine almost slushy. In public I scrape off the creamy part as you do. In private I pick up the ice-cream on a spoon and lick off the soft bits, very messy and probably horrible to see.

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        I like mine soft too - and actually can't always wait for it to soften naturally. I have been known to resort to a 30 sec zap in the microwave (depending on the quality/type of ice-cream) to hasten the process. This tends to soften the edges around the tub which can then be stirred through the harder centre. Yum

    2. For a pint or super-premium ice cream, I microwave it at 10% power for 3-4 minutes. This works pretty good, but, I've accidently cooked a couple of pints on high!

      I've thought about using one of the little shovels that gelato shops give out, but, the idea there is to slow me down.

      1. I like to use my upper lip to 'pull' the ice cream off the spoon- kinda like I am kissing the spoon. I have really sensitive teeth so eating a big mouthful is not possible for me, it has to be eaten slowly.

        However, if it is on a cone, I will do the complete swirl and lick all the way around the outside, alternating over the scoop so it doesn't get too melted.

        1. Slightly softened with a well rounded sterling silver spoon. Stainless and plate just don't do it for me. Off to the kitchen now. Picked up a pint of only avaiable in Indiana (for now) Trader's Point full fat heavy cream chocolate today for a special treat.

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              There is something about the cold transference with the sterling spoon that just kind of makes it for me. Hard to explain but it kind of completes the experience.

          1. I eat most of the ice cream in the sugar cone, and then bite the bottom tip of the cone off and suck the (now melted) ice cream through the bottom. :-)