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Jul 16, 2006 03:09 AM

silly question.. [mortadella & veal][moved from Home Cooking]

looking for the bolognese recipe i posted below... my question is what is mortadella and what is veal? i know it's meat but do i just order at the butcher?

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  1. Mortadella is one of the Italian sausages and veal is baby beef. Make sure it's free-range!

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      BTW, look for Mortadella at a well stocked/upscale deli, especially an Italian deli, and veal at your butcherie.

    2. Mortadella is (usually) the quality version of 'baloney' (Bologna sausages). In other words, it's a large diameter, finely texture sausage. Some is patterned with whole pepper corns, pistachio nuts, and cubes of pork fat.


      1. Depending where you are, you may be able to get mortadella in the appy department (the service deli) of your local large supermarket.

        Veal can be tough to find sometimes -- especially in California where it seems to set off the ethical alarm in people's heads. It is meat from calves, which used to be raised in an inhumane fashion. [Note: if you're about to hit reply and start the war about veal, please start a different thread; don't hijack yum's.]

        It is a pink meat, very tender. If you can't find it in your supermarket's meat department, try and find an Italian, French, or Armenian market in your area.