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Jul 16, 2006 02:59 AM

Cottage Cheese

What else can I do with cottage cheese. I know about adding granola, fruit, or salsa but I feel that there has to be other ways to use it. Any tips?

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  1. Drain it and scramble it with eggs--delicious. Use it like ricotta in Italian food--dry it's not so awfully different. Blend it in the Cuisinart into a dip with herbs/onion or garlic powder/pepper and use with veggies and crackers or chips (lower fat than a mayonnaise dip). Or make a sweet dip for fruit.

    I like to heat pears (or other fruit) and cinnamon in a bit of water until they make a syrup and pour it hot over cold cottage cheese. Top with chopped nuts (chopped by the people at trader joes) and it's a breakfast sundae.

    1. Oh so many things!

      My all time favorite way to eat it is mix some jelly/perserves and some sweetner and I feel like I'm eating a a strawberry cheesecake.

      I tend you CC for sweet add-ins...
      -you can mix some cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg and sweetner in and then microwave. You get this amazingly sweet but very healthy "dessert."
      -you can cocoa powder or chocolate flakes and sweetner to the CC
      I think you get the idea

      Another thing I really love to do is make "crab muffins" with cottage cheese. Take crab, seasoning, lemon juice, a little mayo and then some CC. Mix all together and scoop the ingredients into muffin tins and bake. Bake until the "muffin tops" are browned at crispy...they taste wonderful!

      1. As a topping on a burger pie. This is basic no special skill quick supper and is complete with a salad. Make a single crust pie pastry (or if that is not your skill use one of those premade crusts) line a deep 9" pie plate with it, prick all over with a fork line with some foil and weight with pie weights, beans or rice. Blind bake about 20 mins. at 350 F.

        While the crust is baking brown 1.5 lbs. lean ground beef in a skillet with chopped onions, garlic, green pepper, add some corn if you wish, whatever you have on hand, I think I'd leave out lima beans or diced carrots. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper, add some catsup and about 2-3 Tbs. flour and stir to combine well.

        Take a pint container of small curd cottage cheese and place in a bowl. Add 2 large eggs and beat well. Add some chopped dill if you have it pour the burger mixture into the partially baked pie shell and top with the cottage cheese and dust with paprika. Pop it into the oven for about 45 minutes while you relax with a glass of wine and read the paper or what ever. Just chil out for awhile while it bakes. It is done when the topping is puffed, golden and set.

        This is not rocket science cooking but all of it seems to get eaten, kids like it, and any leftovers are good cold to take along for lunch the next day. Even my brother who claimed to detest cottage cheese in any manner loved this. It is just simple quick comfort food.

        1. Cottage cheese pancakes. For all its reputation as a 'diet' topping, the curds get all melty, rich and luxurious.

          I got this recipe on this board, and I feel terrible for posting it, because I cannot for the life of me remember who posted it! So if anyone recognizes this as their invention, please speak up!

          I do this without the basil usually, and it's still lovely.

          "Blue cornmeal, cottage cheese and basil pancakes
          I got the idea for cottage cheese from an old friend who does a wonderful CCP using 6 eggs, separated, 6 T flour, some salt, and 2 c cottage cheese. I'm lazy in my old age, so I don't separate the eggs anymore, and I add more flour because otherwise, the pancakes stick so badly. (they are heaven, though. good for as attack of the heavy munchies.)

          What I do now for Cornmeal pancakes for two is:
          (all ingredients room temp--helps rising of cakes)

          mix together well (or use any standard pancake recipe, substituting cormeal for 1/3 of flour called for):
          about 2/3 c whole wheat pastry flour
          about 1/2 c blue or regular cornmeal
          1-1/2 tsp. baking powder
          pinch salt
          2 pinches sugar
          pinch fresh grated nutmeg

          Mix together:
          2 eggs beaten slightly
          Milk--add enough to get a pourable consistency--I know, vague, but I eyeball it)
          2 T plain yogurt or sour cream (gives a nice tang)
          1 cup small curd cottage or fresh ricotta cheese
          3 T chopped fresh basil
          about 1/4 c oil/melted butter

          Mix, carefully folding wet into dry, don't overmix!
          Fry in heavy pan (I use cast iron using a bit of butter added to pan for each batch.)

          My husband uses maple syrup on his, I just use a bit of butter. They're pretty rich w/o it.

          For lighter pancakes, separate the eggs, and mix the yolks with the wet ingredients, then fold the stiffly beaten whites into the dry, alternating with the wet ingredients.

          This is just an approximate recipe, as I'm not a measurer, so you might have to play with it to get it the way you want it. You may like to try other seasonings--the thread on the lemon/mascarpone polenta cake has my wheels turning this morning!

          But I do love the cottage cheese which partially melts and has a good tang. Leave the basil out and add chopped toasted walnuts or pecans and top with sliced ripe bananas, sour cream, and maple syrup.

          Enjoy your day in the kitchen!"

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          1. re: Gooseberry

            'twas my post, I believe-- this recipe was adapted from one of my friend Bill's favorite 70's cookbooks, Tassajara Breadbook, by Edward Espe Brown. I took the liberty of adding the blue cornmeal and basil. It remains a real favorite! For those of you who like corn, try Brown's Three-layer Cornbread, or as Bill called it "Three-Deep Cornbread." Cornbread on the bottom, custard in the middle and a bran layer on top. Heavenly and 'fancy' enough for company.

          2. I had a recipe once where cottage cheese was blended with shredded chicken and spices for an enchilada filling.