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Jul 16, 2006 02:40 AM

BOLOGNESE sauce recipe? like the ones at La Scala

I love the spaghetti bolognese at La Scala in Los Angeles. It's the meat sauce with I'm guessing some sort of pink sauce..maybe the milk or cream? and someone thought the carrots may be grated.. anyways, I want to know your best recipe for bolognese and if anyone knows what I'm talking about with the La Scala one your helpis greatly appreciated! tia

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  1. The one in Joy of Cooking (new edition) has a bit of tomato paste, and some milk - so the combination could be pink. There is a carrot, celery and onion, but they probably don't contribute a lot color. But I think most of the flavor comes from the meat and stock.


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        The recipe in Joy is similar to the in this thread, though the order of addition of the tomato paste, wine, and milk is different. The milk is added toward the end, small amounts at a time.

        I wonder if curdling of the milk is ever a problem.


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          Not for me. I cobbled my method together from Marcella Hazan and Lynne Rosetto Kaspar, and I very much prefer my order of reductions.

      2. The best Bolognese I've had in the US was in a restaurant in Southampton (gone now) and the chef used chopped filet mignon for the meat. It seemed to make a big difference.

        1. I have adapted this from Marcella Hazan's Recipe.

          1/2 lb each of ground pork, veal (or turkey), sirloin/chuck

          1 large can imported from Italy San Maranzo tomatoes--I always use DOP--Sometimes I use the wonderful canned cherry tomatoes from my Italian grocery, but I don't think they are readily available

          2 Tbls diced carrots

          2 Tbls diced celery

          1 small onion, diced

          1 minced large clove of garlic (Marcella would not approve)

          olive oil

          Salt and Pepper to taste.

          1 cup of dry white wine

          1/2 cup of milk

          nutmeg--fresh grated

          fresh bay leaf (optional)

          Put olive oil in sauce pot and throw in the celery and carrots, then turn heat to medium.

          Cook until the vegetables begin to soften ( I think you can start to smell them) then add the onions and garlic and cook a few minutes It is desirable that the vegetables to not colour

          Add the meats and break up with your spoon. Cook until the meat loses its raw colour. I like to season the meat at the beginning.

          Add the wine and turn the heat up, cook until wine evaporated

          Turn heat down and add the milk and a few grates of nutmeg.

          Cook until milk evaporated.

          Add tomatoes and break them up with your knife.

          Bring to a boil and turn down to a simmer.

          Place lid on askew and simmer 3-4 hours stirring occasionaly.

          Season to taste.

          Degrease and enjoy.

          I think this thick delicious sauce is best with fusili or other pasta shapes that will catch the sauce.

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            I've got to put garlic, too and also freshly chopped basil. I don't care if this differs from the "classic" recipe -- I just think it makes it taste all the better.

          2. i've got la scalas recipe in some resto book from the 80's-maybe la times cookbook? lemme dig it out and i'll post.

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              that would be amazing!! thanks