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Jul 16, 2006 02:34 AM

Editorial mishap on Digest

When clicking the "read more" link on the Digest post regarding Urban Country Farm Stand, the address is given as being on Main St. in Venice, CA. The poster, however, had clearly stated the location as El Segundo. I tried to e-mail to "" but it was kicked back to me several times as a "Mail Delivery Failure"

So the questions are: 1. does the address exist? and 2. How closely are the editors actually reading and "digesting" the posts that they are highlighting?



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  1. For that piece, try emailing your comments to

    1. Just caught this. The editors have an enormous and relentless job to read, vet, summarize, and research all this stuff each week. It's absolutely amazing that they make so FEW errors. And it's totally gratifying that when they do, hounds find them and fix them. Thaks so much! We'll get it fixed ASAP.