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Jul 16, 2006 01:23 AM

La Paz recommendations, please

First off, thank you to this board for great recommendations in Cabo. I'm off to La Paz with my wife over Labor Day W/E for a few days of diving. I've never been there. Any recommendations for food, wine, and Cocktails?

Thanks in advance, and I'll be happy to write up a post-visit report.

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  1. Here is my report on La Mar Y Pena from a trip two years ago.

    It is a bit off of the main tourist circuit, but was well worth the short cab drive. Hopefully it is still as good, I'd definitely check it out.

    1. Thanks very much. I think La Paz is more off the path than I realized. Look forward to more info, and I'll post large after I return.

      1. Sorry that this is too late for your Labor Day visit (but may help someone else). I would highly recommend La Pazta in La Paz about a block or two off the malecon, Allende 36. We ate there on Christmas eve in 2004 (I hope nothing has changed), it was one of the few places open on Christmas Eve and it was delicious. I had ravioli made with fresh made pasta. My SO had a beef entree which he really enjoyed. The dessert was probably the best part- It was ice cream with chocolate and berries, nothing complicated, but made with such great ingredients that it was amazing. (I guess the swiss connection of the owners means good chocolate) We originally ordered one to share and it was so good that we ordered a second - which really confused our waiter, I think he thought we were complaining about the first and wanted an improvement- too bad our spanish isn't better, I would have liked him to understand that we thought it was so good that we wanted more.
        Next door, and owned by the same people is a cafe -La Pazta Cafe. We enjoyed a simple breakfast there on Christmas day (again one of the few places open). Huevos Rancheros were good, served with fresh tortillas, fresh squeezed juice.

        (the same people also own a hotel, the website has a section about the restaurants