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Jul 16, 2006 01:23 AM

French restaurants in Scottsdale

Our family is planning our mother's 90th birthday in Scottsdale in Sept. My mother really loves French food,esprecially escargot, and steak diane. Does anyone know of a really nice restaurant where we cold take 6 or 7 people that is really good but won't break the bank??

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  1. If you don't mind driving a little north of Scottsdale, there's a sweet little French restaurant in Cave Creek called Le Sans Souci that has a lot of traditional dishes on their menu. This isn't a temple of haute cuisine, but the food is good and the prices are reasonable. The dining room is pleasant, not fancy, and, when the weather allows for it, they have patio dining, too.

    Le Sans Souci
    7030 E. Bella Vista Drive
    Cave Creek, AZ
    I couldn't find a website.

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    1. I would suggest checking that Sans Souci will be open during your visit. They close for an extended time during the Summer, though should be opened again by Sept.

      Another suggestion, just west of Scottsdale, is Vincent's On Camelback, They are on Camelback Road at 40th Street. Scottsdale begins there at the 7200 +/- block, so they are a short drive from Scottsdale proper.

      We have had excellent meals at both. For an event, such as you wrote of, I'd opt for Vincent's. They can easily accommodate rather large gatherings. We just hosted a board meeting there for 30, followed by dinner for 52 (spouses) and the service and food were impecible. They also offer several semi-secluded dining room options.


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        I adore Vincents, and he has done a marvelous job on parties for us in the past, and while he certainly can work with you on your menu, for the classic items you're looking for, I'd really say to go with one of the more tradional French locales that are suggested.

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          Although I have never been anywhere except Zinc Bistro, Voltaire would be my pick for such an event. They don't re-open until Sept. 7. I get the feeling the op would have to call and leave a message to get a reservation in September.

          For the review with all the pictures, and a review of Zinc Bistro, check Seth's blog:

        2. Don't forget Zinc Bistro in Kierland Commons or Sophie's French Bistro at Osborne and 24th Street.

          Bon appetit!

          1. I'd vote for either Vincent's on Camelback or Sophie's French Bistro...Sophie's may be more reasonable on the wallet for a family group....